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1991 Chevy van 5.7 engine with TBI wont get fuel out from the tank?


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September 12, 2011 2:01PM

There are several possibilities so I suggest you go thru them in the order of easiest to hardest:

1: The pump may not be coming on - position yourself at the rear of the van and get a helper to turn the ignition key to on (not start) and listen if the pump comes on for 2 seconds. If it doesn't come on you may have a problem with the electrical connection, a fuse or relay or the pump may be burned out. If the pump comes on try step 2 next.

2: Replace the fuel filter (about $10) which is located on the passenger side on the inside of the main chassis frame member under the van, just in front of the tank. You will need to put the van up on safety ramps or jack stands. Remove the gas filler cap to release any pressure. Its a canister about 4" long and 2.5" in diameter. You will need a 9/16" wrench and a 13/16" or a vice grips. Also a 1/2" wrench or socket to remove the mounting clamp. This is messy because when you loosen the lines lots of gas will run out. Be very careful. When the filter is removed check if the gas draining from its inlet is dirty. Run the fuel pump for a bit to flush any remaining debris from the line before installing the replacement. NOTE: One end is marked OUT and that is the end that attached to line going to the engine

3: If the pump doesn't come on or fails to pump gas after replacing the fuel filter you will have to drop the tank and either clear an obstruction on the inlet or replace the fuel pump.

4: I just replaced the fuel filter on my '94 Checy G20 5.7 w TBI and I am still not getting enough fuel so I am about to drop the tank, it doesn't look too hard as long as the tank is pretty empty so it isn't heavy to lift and rehang when I am done.

Hope this helps.Thank you very much that was about all the information I needed except I'm not aware of a reley for the fuel I have checked the fuse and have power going all the way into the tank there is a 3 wire harness with a purple wire being hot the other 2 wires on each side of the purple are not and I have not heard the fuel pump come on