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Change your fuel filter.

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How hot is it in the Texas Desert?

The Chihuahuan Desert in Texas can sometimes exceed 110 degrees F.

Why is the Mojave Desert an extreme environment?

The Mojave receives little rain and summer temperatures can sometimes exceed 120 degrees F.

Is exceed a verb?

Yes, the word exceed is a verb.

Is exceed a proper noun?

No, the word 'exceed' is not a noun.The word 'exceed' is a verb (exceed, exceeds, exceeding, exceeded).The noun forms of the verb to exceed are exeeder (one who exceeds) and the gerund, exceeding.A related noun form is excess.

What is the difference between a perennial stream and an intermittent stream?

Perennial is a stream or river that has a continuous loop of a flow in parts of a stream bed all year round during years of normal rainfall. A intermittent is a stream or river which carries water in a considerable portion of the time, but ceases to flow occasionally or seasonally because bed seepage and evaporation/transpiration exceed the available water supply. That is a summarized form of what each stream are. In conclusion, the difference is the way the stream flows. Perennial is a circular stream that is steady all year long, while a intermittent stream is at a specific timing.

What is the sentence for exceed?

I don't want people to exceed with their expectations.

A sentence with the word exceed?

By working hard, you can exceed my expectations.

What is a sentence for exceed?

I can exceed more than I exceeded last week.

What is the antonym of exceed?

The antonym of exceed should be receed because anything such as deceed has not yet made to the dictionary The antonym of "exceed" can't be "receed", since that is not a word. It is not "recede" either. There is no antonym listed for "exceed".

Can you give 10 exapmle sentences using the word exceed?

I will exceed the speed limit. Giving 10 examples might exceed my patience.

What is it called when exports exceed imports?

A trade surplus is when exports exceed imports.

A sentence for exceed?

I often exceed my teacher's expectations by going above and beyond.

Why numbers cannot exceed 9?

the number that cannot exceed neni is Q

What is the summer climate in New Mexico?

Northern New Mexico is usually quite pleasant in the summer with temperatures in the 80s, sometimes 90s. Southern New Mexico is quite hot in the summer and temperatures sometimes exceed 100 degrees F.

Why not do over 40 mph?

In some circumstances you can; there are different speed limits in different countries, on different roads - and sometimes in different weather conditions. You must not exceed the legal speed limit (if any), and you should not exceed a speed at which you can safely control your car (or other motorised vehicle) in prevailing conditions.

How do you use exceed in a sentence?

In most countries it is against the law to exceed the speed limit. The total cost of the new airport will exceed 100 million dollars

How do you use the word exceed in a sentence?

You should not exceed the posted speed limit on residential streets. Deaths from the typhoon were expected to exceed those from the previous storm.

When a nation's exports exceed its import what is it called?

When a country' import exceed it's export is called Deficit then when a county's export exceed it import is called surplus.

What is the verb form of excess?

The verb form of excess is exceed.Exceeds, exceeding and exceeded are also verbs."I will exceed my goal"."She always exceeded her expectations".

Use exceed in a sentence?

Examples: I am going to EXCEED in school to get good grades. He is Exceeding the speed limit. Exceed - To go beyond something or to surpass; To be superior at something.

What is the abstract noun for exceed?

The abstract noun form for the verb to exceed is exceeder, one who exceeds. Another noun form is excess.

Is it legal to sometimes exceed the maximum speed limit on a highway?

Yes, it may be excused under certain circumstances - all of which would be emergencies. One possible exception (in many states) is when passing another car on a two lane road where you can exceed the limit up to 10 mph if reduced when back in your lane.

What is a sentence using the word exceed?

The law states that you cannot exceed the posted speed limit.

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