Honda Accord DX

1991 Honda Accord DX What if the heat is on the thermostat is good the blower is not clogged still no heat is the Selector between AC and Heat seems broken?

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2009-06-07 02:13:11

Pull the temperature control knob off, and see if it's broken.

Open the hood of your car and follow the heater hoses back to the

firewall. You will find a little box in there with a lever on

it--the lever's got a little rod sticking out of it--that should

have a cable attached to the little rod. The lever is the valve to

divert coolant into the heater core. If the cable isn't attached to

the little rod, the heater valve can't open, you won't get any

coolant into the heater core and you'll ultimately freeze in there.

The fix is pretty simple: just put the cable back on the little


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