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Under your radio is a little box, remove that and in there is a headlight lift motor relay. The clicking is coming from that. It is realy easy to change out.


check the head light relay. I think my relay is starting to go bad in mine. when i put mine down i hear a click click click and they are jumpy. but the click is coming from under the dash on mine. one of these days i will have to find out whats clicking. so i can replace the relay. all i know is mine sounds like a relay

On my 91 Capri, there is a small black rectangular switch in the center console near the parking brake handle. If you push this switch, the headlights raise without turning on the headlights themselves. The headlights will not retract until you push this switch again, even if you use the regular headlight switch. By the way, my headlights always take several seconds to retract. So, if you try this, give them 5 to 10 seconds to retract. After this, they should work normally using the regular headlight switch.

there is a 20 amp fuse in the fuse box under the hood by the battery if this fuse blows the headlights will not raise or lower. this fuse also powers the memory of the radio. this fuse powers the lift switch by the brake handle.

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Q: 1991 carpi headlights will not retract they were working fine what do you need to do for a fix?
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1991 talon headlights do not retract. What would cause this?

blow fuse, bad motor, bad switch or wiring

The headlights stopped working on your 1991 Acclaim The bulbs are good the fuses are fine and when you flash them they're fine Any ideas?

Replace the headlight switch. Be sure to use a qualitypart.

1991 jeep headlights flasH why?

you probly have loose light bulbs

Are the headlights of a 1991 Mercedes 190E match with a 1995 Mercedes 220?

No they will not.

Where on a 1991 ford probe lx would the switch to put the headlights up and down be?

The headlights go up and down when you turn the headlights on. If they are not going up or down they may be disconnected from the motor. You would have to take the headlights out to see if they are disconnected or not.

What would cause headlights and dash lights to get brighter and dim randomly on a 1991 Honda civic?

I have same issue ill start the car and parts of my clusterlights are dark but will randomly brighten once it feels like it headlights do the same thing also my right blinker stops working randomly

How do you adjust the alignment of the headlights of a 1991 Nissan sentra?

grow a pair and get a life

Headlights went out on your 1991 Chrysler new yorker what do you do?

change the bulb and fuse

Will headlights from a 1991 Nissan skyline gt-r fit in a 1991 Nissan skyline gt-s?

Yes, they will.

How do you change headlight on 1991 Chevy c1500?

You remove grill to remove and replace the headlights.

Taillights or dashlights wont work when headlights are on for a ford explorer 1991 could it be the light switch?


How do you remove headlights assembly from BMW?

will the metal headlight assembly of a 1991 bmw fit a 1988 325is

Where and how do you turn the high beam headlights in an Oldsmobile cutlas supreme 1991?

Pull the turn signal stalk.

Where is the fuse for the headlights for a 1991 Chevrolet Blazer?

There isn't one. The headlight switch has a circuit breaker built into it.

How do you troubleshoot and repair the headlights on a 1991 Suburban if only the headlights have failed and there does not appear to be a fuse?

Have you looked for the fuseable link down by the starter? Check the switch, it may be the culprit. check the headlight relay

How do you adjust the headlights if you cannot reach the adjustment screws on a 1991 Buick Skylark?

If you cannot reach the adjustment screws, you're only alternative for headlight aiming is to change tire pressure. Deflate the front tires to lower the headlights, deflate the rear tires to raise the headlights.

Where and how do you turn the long headlights in an Oldsmobile cutlas supreme 1991?

switch is down on the left mines a push type

How do you adjust the headlights on a 1991 Honda accord?

There should be a switch on the indicator stork. It's the same as a Rover 213.

What are the release dates for Harry and the Hendersons - 1991 Working Stiffs 2-9?

Harry and the Hendersons - 1991 Working Stiffs 2-9 was released on: USA: 23 November 1991

How do you fix a 1991 dodge stealth twin turbo with its headlights stuck up?

pop the hood and look beside your headlights on the inner side of them, there should be a a little round cap type thing with an arrow on it. remove this cap and turn the dial, this is the manual way to raise and lower the headlights

What causes your blinkers not to work when you turn on your headlights on your 1991 s-10 it also makes a beep sound when you press the brake like when you leave your headlights on before you start it?

It sounds to me like you have wiring problems.

What is an RTR fuse on a 1991 geo prizm?

if you car had automatic headlights.. the kind that pop up when turned on. then there would be a fuse there.

How do you adjust aim of headlights on a 1991 Camry?

try turning the screws that are located by the headlights usually on should have two per headlights 1 horizontal adjust and 1 vertical adjust turn them slowly until you find your desire aiming spot.(check you vehicles manual for manufacturers specs)

Why does your 1991 Ford Escort headlights keep coming on?

If your car doesn't have DRL's the switch is faulty or the wiring has a short in it to a power source..

How do you aim the headlights of a 1991 Chevy Cavalier?

Well if you pop the hood and look above the headlights you will see a screw. It may be a hex screw. Now if you need to raise the lights tighten the screw and if you need to lower the lights, loosen the screw.