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Glow plugs are installed in diesel engines for one purpose only: to aid in cold starts. They only should be used when the engine has not been run for some time, which varies depending on the outside temperature. The glow plugs are not needed when the engine is at operating temperature.

2006-09-01 06:24:36
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Can regular engines run on diesel fuel?

Gasoline engines cannot run on diesel. Only a diesel engine can run diesel. And a diesel engine cannot run on gasoline.

Engine in a 1984 Chevy Silverado?

if it is diesel a duramax diesel if its gas it will be a duramax

Can you replace a diesel with a regular engine in a 95 Silverado 1500?


What engine is in a 1996 diesel Chevy Silverado?

6.2L idi (indirect injection) not the best diesel trucks..

Why do diesel vehicles need to be kept running?

A diesel vehicles does not need to be running. A diesel ignition in a Diesel engine comes from compression and not spark.

Do diesel engine produce vacuum when running?

no a diesel does not produce vaacuum when running. but vehicles that require vacuum for the brakes have a vaccuum pump attached to the engine to supply the needed vaccuum

Can Low Running Harm Diesel Engines?

nothing like that , but people which have low running go for petrol because , the price difference between them more than one lack . in the case of diesel engine it get good milage and efficiency at optimum temperature this can achieved only by good running.

Silverado 4x4 6.5 turbo diesel 1993 heater fan relay location?

The heater fan relay for a 1993 Silverado 4x4 6.5 turbo diesel can be found using the engine diagram. The engine diagram will be provided by the car manufacturer upon inquiry.

Why during the ignition pressure remain constant in diesel engine?

The ignition temperature, (temperature at which diesel fuel ignites) is 490*F. This temperature corresponds to a set compression of the gasses in the cylinder of the engine. Some, but not all, diesel engines have glow plugs to initially warm the air when you first start the engine because the temperature of the air in the diesel engine is too cold to get the ignition temperature simply from compression. while the engine is running the compression heats the air to the ignition temperature. This compression (or pressure) is the same each time the cylinder fires. Using the universal gas law you can find that corresponding compression versus the ambient temperature and pressure. Typically this will occur at approximately 16 bars. Almost all diesel engines are designed to operate at a compression ratio of 15:1 - 20:1, less if supercharged or turbocharged.

What happens when you use petrol in diesel engine?

Your car breaks down and you cant move at all until you find a garage then it costs a fortune! Running petrol in a diesel engine will destroy that diesel engine.

What problems can be caused by running a diesel engine starved for fuel?

A diesel engine that is starved for fuel will lose prime. This means that you will be unable to start the engine once it has stalled.

Will putting petrol in a diesel engine car and starting it damage the car?

Yes, putting petrol/gasoline in a diesel engine and running it will cause severe damage to the engine.

What causes an diesel engine to shut down due to high temperature but engine is cool?

Either a faulty engine temperature sensor or the wiring to it.

What are the main causes for a cummins 2500 diesel engine to fail to start properly when engine has reached normal operating temperature?

There is no such engine as a Cummins 2500 Diesel.

What is the combustion chamber temperature in diesel engine?

180o C

Where is coolant temperature sensor on a 1999 silverado 4.3 engine?

beside the thermostat housing on top of the engine

Where is the EGR Valve located on a 2006 Silverado 2500 HD 6.6 turbo diesel with the lbz engine code I keep getting a check engine light because of this.?

The EGR valve is located on the passenger side of the engine on a 2006 Silverado 2500 HD 6.6 turbo diesel. A bad valve will cause the check engine light to come on.

What is so good about diesel engines?

The diesel engine works by compressing the fuel and air mixture inside a piston cylinder. Compressing the mixtures raises its temperature. When the temperature reaches the fuels ignition point, it ignites, explodes and pushes the cylinder back.A gasoline engine works similarly but needs a high voltage spark from an ignition system to ignite the fuel.What is good about the diesel engine:The diesel engine does not need a complex electrical system to keep the engine running.Diesel powered vehicles do use a battery to start the engine turning, once the engine starts it is no longer needed.A diesel engine does not need spark plugs and distributor system to keep running although it does use glow plugs to help it start when the engine is too cold.Diesel engine fuel is cheaper to use than gasoline (petrol). Some people even use home heating oil to power a diesel engine (after passing it through a filter to remove sediment).A diesel engine has a higher compression ratio in the cylinder making it more efficient than a gasoline powered engine.

Can you put diesel oil in a gas auto engine?

Only if you have time to fix the resulting non running mess. Diesel fuel, no. Diesel engine oil, yes if it is the proper weight.

How do you restarting a diesel engine after running out of gas?

it has a little handpump to priam diesel back to injectors under the bonnet

Lorry drivers heating their diesel engines?

a diesel engine only runs well when it is at operating temperature

How long will diesel car run on petrol?

It won't, even a mixture of gasoline and diesel will not work. May I add that running petrol in a diesel will destroy that diesel engine.

Do you need electricity to run a diesel engine?

No. Iginition in a Diesel engine comes from compression and not spark. Once the Diesel engine is running you do not need electricitry to keep it running. However, modern diesel engines have computers controlling many of the functions of the engine and that would cause it to fail if there was no electricity. Old diesel engines did not have computers and would keep running even if your battry went flat because your alternator died. Just dont turn it off because the starter needs electricity :P

What is the maximum temperature produced in diesel engine during cycle?


What can cause white smoke from a diesel?

Moisture in the exhaust, or a cold running engine.