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I have a 90 tracker with manual steering.....whomever had it before me had the wrong size tires on it. if it has power steering... check the fluid level and if the pump still works.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-08 07:05:30
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Q: 1992 Geo Tracker has very hard steering Any suggestions on what may be wrong you just bought it and has 126000 miles?
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How do you remove a power steering pulley on a 1990 Ford truck?

With a power steering pulley puller. This tool can be rented or bought from most auto parts stores.

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Are there any websites that have wiring diagrams for a 1994 Geo Tracker?

There are some wiring diagrams on the chilton book(66500)I haven�t seen it on line Also, try I just bought a complete diagram from them and was pleased (also for 94 tracker)

How do i remove the steering wheel off a 1997 cavalier?

It is very hard to remove a steering wheel by hand. Auto part stores have a steering wheel puller that can be rented or bought, that will help remove a steering wheel. You will also be messing with the air bag. I would recommend purchasing a shop repair manual to help you.

Where to find a diagram of a 1997 Ford F-350 steering column?

When working on a car, it is important to have diagrams. Diagrams for a steering column can be found in manuals bought at auto part stores, and in online forums.

Bought 1994 Ford Ranger the power steering pump had just been replaced but power steering fluid is leaking you have to top it off every 2-3 days?

check your gear box

Will Chevrolet wheels fit geo?

I'm not an expert but my 91 Tracker will take Ford 5 hole wheels. As far as I know its the same until Chev bought Geo. I know that wheels off a 89 International Scout fit and look great on a lifted 94' Tracker.

Why is your check engine light on but the car is running well 1998 Chevy Tracker?

I had a check engin light on for years on my 99 tracker the mechanics couldn't find the problem, I bought a new gas cap (3 dollars ) it turned off and hasn't turned on since, its been four years.

I bought a 2002 stratus and the steering column was busted out i replaced it why won't it start?

have you tried pooping on it always work me roscoe jenkins

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Can you change a manual steering to power steering on a 1970 F100?

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that shoud be for the ainty theft system you may not no a bought

Where can a GPS car tracker be bought?

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If your clutch peddle went to the floor and something snapped but the peddle is not broken what else could have broken 1995 geo tracker?

the cluth cable could be broken... i had the same problem but i bought a new one.

In a 2000 Renault Clio that originally came with a radio cassette player will the controls at the steering wheel and the display still work with a Renault CD player?

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