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you must remove the cd and tape deck starting with the plastic pop off round things at bottom rear of arm rest then work your way up under the seat warmer buttons are 2 more screws to undo . then you pry the black square from around the cd and tape deck the face plates will pop off they can be put on after . then undo all the hidden screws and take out the cd player and leather thing around it. on the top of the cd player under a cover is a 5 amp fuse it is blown re-solder a new one and re assemble, it will then work just did this to my 929 make sure the metal prongs from the face plate dont bend while re assembling with a proper tool the cdtapedeck will just slide out but good luck if you dont have on the unit clicks in . make sure to reassemble all parts in order because once the cd player clicks back in ,it aint commin back out unless you start all over.

And before you do this you need a 4 digit code for your radio and cd player. if you unplug them mite as well get a new one. Cuz if you don't know the code, and you try putting 3 differnt ones in then the cd player and radio will completely shut its self down. Its a security feature. So i hope you know your 4 digit code.

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Q: 1992 Mazda 929 there is power to your deck lights display work but no sound is there you separate fuse for the amp if so where is it help?
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