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check the fuel pump ie. presures and a leak back test for the check valve

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Q: 1992 Pontiac Bonneville with recent transmission and battery replacement recently the car does not starts at the first go but when you turn the key off and then try restarting it it restarts?
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What is repair cost of rebuilding an 04 f-150 transmission?

Recently my replacement transmission was $2300. Recently my replacement transmission was $2300.

What is the average cost of repairing automatic transmission for 2004 Ford Explorer?

we recently replaced our transmission on a 2002 explorer for $2400

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What is the average cost to rpair a 1997 mercury grand marquis transmission?

I have just recently got my transmission repaired along with the gear ratios recalibrated for $900

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Where is the back up light switch located on a 1989 Westfalia Vanagon?

I am no expert, but I recently found what I think is the back up light switch for my 85 vanagon w/ manual transmission. I didn't have another to replace it with and test it, however it is relatively easy to get to and try. Looking from the rear, on the left hand front of the transmission you'll find two wires that lead to a two pronged mechanical pressure switch. Unscrew it from the transmission. Swap the wires and install the replacement.

1983 Pontiac Bonneville-check engine comes on after about five minutes of driving-changed thermostat recently light started coming on?

Have you checked the computer codes? If so, what do they say?

How do you fix a noisy driveaxle on a Chrysler 300m?

To fix a noisy drive axle on a Chrysler 300M, the U-joint bolts should be checked to see that they are tight. If the U-joint was recently replaced, the noise could be coming from the U-joint itself. It should be aligned with the transmission exactly as it was before replacement.

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Q No. 3: (a) How MMU is used to address the physical and logical cache arrangement? Explain the difference between Least recently used and least frequently used replacement algorithm.

Why is transmission fluid leaking from the bell housing of your dodge caravan tht was recently rebuilt?

Obviously a seal has failed.

How many quarts of fluid is required to change transmission fluid in a 2007 cobalt transmission?

I recently had this done and it takes about 7 quarts to change it. cost about 40 bucks at auto zone.

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2003 focus transmission out dealer says gear oil was in transmission and had to have been done recently How long before gear oil ruins a transmission?

having the wrong fluid in the transmission can damage the transmission rather quickly. even performing a flush will not remove all the gear oil from the unit. At this point it will be nessisary to remove the transmission, replace the "soft" parts and clean the entire transmission. Mac's Transmissions Houston, TX

What would cause 2003 Dodge RAM 1500 transmission to start shifting incorrectly . transmission and rear end recently serviced and tires replaced?

The first two things to check would be the transmission fluid level, and have it checked for codes. A lot of transmission problems will set trouble codes.

What would cause water in the transmission?

Engine coolant can enter an automatic transmission if your automobile has an integrated radiator and transmission fluid cooler, and a leak occurs in same. Many automobiles have integrated radiators / transmission coolers. Another less likely scenario is that the vehicle was recently flooded or parked in flood waters.

Does the 2008 Ford Fusion has transmission filter?

no. I have the 2008 SE fusion. and just recently had it flushed. the 2006 - 2008 fusions do not have a filter.

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Why is your 99 Mercury Cougar blowing transmission fluid out the dip stick?

You may want to check to see if the transmission line that runs underneath your battery is pinched. We recently had the same experience, and it was determined that when the battery was replaced, the transmission line was pinched because it sits directly underneath the battery.

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Why is there a Hole in transmission with oil coming out on a 86 silverado?

Did you have a CV joint go by any chance? My halfshaft came apart recently and punched about a 2" wide hole in my transmission. Not wanting to buy a new transmission I managed to patch it with a piece of sheet metal and some JB weld. Hope this helps.

2004 Toyota Highlander limited its got 90000 miles recently changed all 4 tires and transmission fluid its gas milage is gone low can any one comment on this?

Lots of possibilities(?): What mileage did you used to get? What is your mileage now? How "recently" was the service? Could the transmission now be slipping? Did they refill the transmission ALL the way up to the full mark on the dipstick? Do your fuel injectors need cleaning? If the dealer did the 90K serivce I'd take it back and ask them.

How do you check transmission fluid in 01 Saturn sl2?

i have this car i didnt know where it was in till recently the dipstick for the transmission is on the drivers side right under where the brake fluid resovour is look straight down and where the transmission shifter cables enter the transmission its a red plug that's ur dipstick. hope u find it cuz it kill me lol hard time finding it