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1993 Toyota pickup 22 re will not start where should you start looking?


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if you have no power, get a load test on your battery. if you have power, get your starter checked at a auto parts store, get new spark plugs and wires, new distributer cap and roter, and get your alternator checked at a auto parts store.(not all at once. try to start after you do each thing)Normal the Owner's Manual is a good place to start on any vehicle, but in most cases they are misplaced. So the best answer is process of allimination. Most likely it is best to follow these steps.1.check engine fuse {fuse box under the dash}2.If there is no power- check battery, then starter connections and the parts themselves....of course one at a time,no use in replacing something you really do not need.3.If there is power- then refer to ignition and fuel problem..iefuel filter than hasn't been changed in 14 years could definitely be the culprit. 4.If ignition and fuel problems check out-then check all vacuum lines. There should be a diagram under the hood near the radiator.5.Last but not least..believe or not some foreign vehicle lack compression if there is not enough wate and anti-freeze in the radiator.6.If all else fells inquire your local auto parts place or trusting machanic.