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Try checking the fuse box and make sure to check the ecm fuse. I don't know exactly where it is in your vehicle,but in my 93 Prizm it's a 10 amp fuse in the top row in the kick panel fuse box.

2006-08-02 20:50:51
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What happen when the power control mudule gos out on a car?

It doesn't run.

99 Jeep Grand Cherokee where is the drivers side control mudule located and how do I repair it.?

Driver side control mudule! Possible broken power wire inside the harness that runs between the body and the door.

Electronic control module replacement on 1998 ford expedition?

my directional lights and speedometer do not work could this be control mudule?

Mercury grand marquis headlights will not come on and have to hold turn signal lever toward steering wheel to get brights to work?

sounds like the headlight control mudule

Where is the rear window relay located on a 95 Toyota 4runner?

The tail gate control mudule is located behind the plastic trim (wall) at the left rear of the vehicle. Beside the small compartment and below the rear speaker.....

Were is the light control mudule on 1998 740i bmw?

It on the passanger side right footwell behind the carpet, open the passenger door knell down pull back the carpet under the glovebox on the door side it's a black box with three plugs next to it

What is a PC mudule on a 96 Cadillac?

under the hood, on the driver side, under the air box, wrapped in a black plastic case.

You get gas up to the block but it wont start on your 4.3 vorteck and I've all ready changed the injectors?

be sure you are getting fire to the spark plugs via control mudule dist, timing [chain/belt] you are getting fuel but not the right pessure, I had to change the fuel pump and got it running ok $200 changed it myself

Magbigay ng pangungusap na gamit ang taingang kawali?

Hindi KO Alan sabihin mo sakin Yung sagot Ngayon na bukas KO na ipapasa Yung mudule

1997 oldmobiles delta 88 why does engine shut down after temperature increases Or why is is shutting down and if you wait 15 mins or so it will then start?

try changing the ignition control mudule. it sounds like that's heating up to the point of malfunction causing it to not be able to run the engine properly. the same problem can occur in other vehicles like the 3rd generation Chevy camaros.

91 dodge shadow 2.5 will not start when key turned ignition switch ignition switch bulb or the key part any ideas?


How do you fold down the rear seat in a 2001 Lincoln continental?

That's an easy one; You can't. If you remove the shell behind the seat (In the trunk) you'll see that the back of the seat is used as a sort of mounting "switchboard" for all the rear applied electronics, i.e. breaklights, air ride wiring, fuel pump mudule, etc.

What would cause both fuel pumps to stop working after a 1990 Ford F150 truck warms up?

Fuel pump relay, maybe Remove the ingnition mudule located on the driver's side fender, no on top of the fender skirt, on the fender near the firewall. I think it's a 10mm. It looks like a black box(1 1/2" x 4") mounted in an aluminum heat finned casing. OR it is attached to the bottom of your distributor 9(same physical description minus the aluminum piece). Now that you've found it and taken it off, take it to your local autozone and have tested at least 8 times in order to heat it up to normal operating temp. If it fails, BINGO! You answered the million dollar question that plagues and drives Ford owners insane trying to figure it out. You see, this module when it decides to comletely fail will stop your truck from firing and will stop your fuel pumps from pumping, leaving you dead. NO spark, No fuel. CHECK YOUR RELAYS.......POWER AND FUEL PUMP RELAYS, ONE OR THE OTHER CAN OPEN WHEN HOT RESULTING IN FUEL PUMP SHUTDOWN:

Why won't the automatic seat belts operate in a 91 Honda Accord?

Owner's manual say that 'if the seat belt motor" does not come on after changing the fuses...then move the seat belt mechanism manually to the back and 'usefull' position. My owners manual says there is a 'plastic plug' on the 'b' pillar at the bottom. You have to pry that 'plug' off and insert a tool, that came in my 'flat tire' tool box to manually pull the sealt belt mechanism to the back position. The tool look like a "torx' head screw driver with a 'push' on 'wheel' so you can wheel back the mechanism. I have seen both of these items in my 'flat tire' tool bag that came with the car. I hope I still have them. I will now go out and try it.AnswerMake sure you check the fuses under your hood, I had the same problem on my '90 Accord and it turns out it was some bad fuses. Also check your relays while under the hood.The reason for relays is to provide 12 volt power to anything mechanical or motorized, which is what your seatbelts are. check back and let me know if it worked for you. Good Luck! Answeri also have a Honda accord, 1991.and drivers side only works in the forward position and all fuses look good to me and looked at all connection, all look good ......any help wold be helpful. thanks rig Answerwell..i checked all wires, contacts, plugs, switches with a meterand wire diagram,all in working order. from door latch to the module under passenger side seat.unpluged module and jumped wires and made the seat belt move manually...replaced mudule..........and still didnt work...are there any other switches someplace else?hmmmmm maybe replace with manaul belts?ant guesses will help.....thanks AnswerThere are switches at both ends of the seat belt "runway", try turning off the vehicle, press down on the reset switch, turn car on, hopefully the set belt works now. Also, I have manually moved the seat belt to the locked position, as long as no-one uses that door, the warning "beep" at least goes away.