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1994 Ranger XLT 4.0 mild to non existant ping sound on hard exceleration What could it be Under 60000 miles on engine?


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Try a higher octane level fuel. ANSWER Higher octane fuel is just a cover up - it will work for a while and then your pinging problem will eventually come back but it will be much worse . "Goss's garage " motorweek television show says the 2 most common causes of engine pinging are carbon deposits in the engine cylinders and a malfunctioning EGR system . Some other causes are timing too far advanced , engine running too hot , driving in too high of a gear (manual transmission) , dirty MAF sensor . lean fuel mixture etc. My 1995 4.0 L OHV Explorer would ping if I tried to maintain a steady speed while driving up a steep hill so I ran the tank down to 1/8 th (which I don't like to do) added a 20 ounce bottle of Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus - which treats 20 U.S. gallons - added gas and made that tank of gas last 2 weeks by just using the Explorer for a bunch of short trips . That way the chemical had a chance to do its job . When the tank got down to 1/8 th again I filled up and did a test run where I set the cruise and it maintained a steady speed going up a steep hill and only gave three little pings. Previously I had to keep backing off the gas pedal to keep the engine from pinging , so I lost 21 MPH speed from the bottom of the hill to the top (it's a good thing there was a slow lane ! ) Worked great for me