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There is a small vacuum line for accessories in the engine compartment on top of the throtle position sensor that comes off and will cause this problem. very small hose...look on the intake throtle body for the will have other vacuum hoses attached there also but this one is easily overlooked cause its so small. Hope this helps

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Q: 1994 grand am blows heat out of dash vents when set to defog not window vent cool air blows out of window vents when climate control is set on ac which no longer works is this a fuse or module problem?
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Where is the climate control module on a 1990 Cadillac sedan deville?

The climate control module is part of the control assembly. The entire assembly has to be replaced as one unit for the 1990 models.

How do you remove the Climate Control module on a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII?

Pull the dash trip off gently from bottom to top, (just the dash trim by the climate control) and there will be 4 screws on the climate control module. Its best to buy a used 1996-1999 Mark VIII Climate Control module, since they have "Hard Buttons" on the climate controls. Pull out the old one, and replace with the new model. Newer model climate control modules are totally compatible w/the 1993-1996 models.

How much do a computer cost for a 1995 Oldsmobile aurora?

Depends on which computer you are referring to. You have a climate control module, power-train control module, etc.

How do you replace the back light in the climate control module on a 2000 e320?

You will need a couple of Mercedes Benz special keys. The keys slide into the bottom sides of the climate control module to release the locks, then you can pull out the module. The bulb is on the bottom of the unit, just turn counter-clockwise to remove.

Where is the climate control module located on a 1996 olds 98 regency?

Up under the passenger side plastic protector - almost behind the glove box. You will see the air tubes & wires running into a black box there - that is the climate control module.

How do find out a problem with electronic module control for a Chevy Camaro 88 350?

A diagnostic tester can identify the problem with your Chevrolet Camaro electronic module control. Most Chevrolet dealerships are equipped with diagnostic testing tools.

Your blower motor still runs when you turn car off and you cant control it from climate control unit it runs real fast what could this be?

the problem may be the blower control is located under the hood by the blower motor itself,on the right has a wirer connector plugged into it.remove batt connection.then remove module by removing the two small bolts.look at module one of the coil windings will be bad,if so replace module.

Air bag light stays on no climate control and no power windows have read online possible bcm problem cant seem to find a bcm in my haynes manual could it be they were referring to pcm instead of bcm?

BCM- Body Control Module

What is service engine soon code C1275?

Power train control module problem.

What is another name for the brain box?

ECM, (Engine Control Module, Electronic Control Module) PCM, (Powertrain Control Module, Power Control Module) ECU, (Engine Control Unit, Electronic Control Unit).

1999 Dodge Intrepid vents only work when set to high What could cause this problem?

Your climate control module is out. We had a 1997 LHS with the same problem. Our fan would only run on high which became very annoying after awhile. Good luck.

Is there a way to by pass the fan from the body control module on a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro?

Not that I am aware of. Are you sure the body control module is the problem and not the power or grounds. You may even have a bad fan switch.

How do you replace the 4x4 Control Module on a 2002 Explorer?

this link will give u your answer

What is and where is the blower fan control module?

I have an 89 Delta 88 and if you have Electronic Climate Control there is a control module located just right(passenger side) of center at the firewall. It is in the same location as the blower fan resister assembly on a car with standard a/c controls.

What does the control module do?

Need to know which control module in question.

Where is the general control module on a jaguar type-s?

What does the general control module control

Where is airbag control module located on 2001 Audi a4?

95% sure airbag control module is on center tunnel behind radio and climate control head. be careful taking it out. radio then a/c head. you may have to move air ducts on the side of tunnel.

How do you get the dash kit out of a 1998 Ford Escort without ripping out the climate control wires?

the climate control wires all unplug at the actual control module behind the dash then just disconnect all the other electrical and vaccuum lines. And pull the bolts out

What is a TCM on a Dodge Caravan?

Transmission control module.Transmission control module.

Is a control module and a main relay the same?

Nope. One is a relay, the other is a control module. The control module TELLS the relay when to operate.

What is a ignition control module?

the ignition control module is operated by the pcm,the pcm tells the ignition control module when to energize the coils to enable spark

Where can you find the electronic control module on a 1977 Cadillac Seville?

Should find ECM just under center dash below radio and climate control panel

Where is the body control module located on a 1990 coupe de ville you get a letter D in the fuel data center and climate control area?

behind the glove box

Why do your 2001 Isuzu rodeo intermittent wipers get stuck?

there is a problem with your bcm or body control module, have it checked

How do you test a body control module?

How do I test body control module and is it hard to do..