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1995 4runner rocker arm bolt sequence and torque?

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July 15, 2009 9:13PM

For the rocker arm assy

F 2 4 6 8 12 10

r x x x x x x



t x x x x x x

1 3 5 7 11 9

Bearing cap bolts bolts torque is 12 foot lbs.

Cylinder head A

8 2 4 6 x

f x x x x



n x x x x

t 5 3 1 7

On the opposite side just reverse top and bottom.

For torque you need to use new bolts and put a light coating of oil on them as you insert them.

Then torque them to 33 foot pounds on the first step.

Then turn an additional 90 degrees

Then and I am not repeating, turn another 90 degrees

Then torque bolt A to 27 lbs.