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22 ft-lbs

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Q: What are the torque specs for the rocker arm studs for a 1995 cavalier?
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What are the torque specs for 327 rocker studs?

50 lb/ft lubricated with oil. Check out the link I posted.

Where can you get torque specs on your ZZ4 aluminum head rocker studs? the rocker studs are 7/16-14, same as the head bolts. should be torqued to about 65 ft.lbs.

What are the rocker arms bolts torque specs on a 1995 Ford F-150 and inline six 4.9 300 cu?

on a '95 300 straight 6 with rocker arm bolts, not studs with nuts, the torque spec is between 17 and 23 foot lbs. if it has studs with nuts it is older and the specs are different so you will need to research that more.

What is the torque sequence for rocker arm bolts on a 1991 ford 1.9 engine?

There is no torque sequence just torque rocker arm studs to the proper torque

What is the rocker arm torque specs and sequence for a Chevy 305?

With the valve fully closed and the lifter fully at the down position, tighten the adjusting nut until there is no up and down travel in the push rod. Then tighten the adjusting nut 1/4 turn. This is only if you have hydraulic lifters. Tighten the rocker studs to 50 ft/lb of torque. These are the bolts holding the rocker assembly in place.

What are the torque specs for whell nuts on a 1979 El Camino?

80# w/7/16th studs.

What is torque spec for 1981 Chevy swbscottsdale 305 rocker arms?

Rocker studs lubricated with oil, 50 ft/lbs. Valve covers 3 lb/ft.

The torque specs for the water pump for a 1999zx2 ford escort?

The pump to studs tension is 15-22ft lb

What is the torque specs for the lug nuts on a 2003 Eddie Bauer Expedition?

100 Ft-lbs for 12mm wheel studs 150 Ft-lbs for 14mm wheel studs

What are the torque specs for 2007 96 cubic inch harley head bolts?

torque to 17ft/lbs then 90 degrees..........this is done this way because sometime studs twist

How do you fix a rocker arm if it is loose or broken in your car?

Your best bet is to buy the manual. There are multiple ways of adjusting rockers and it depends on the vehicle. Your loose rocker arm may also be an indication of a bent push rod, bent valve, or worn out cam. there are 2 types of rocker arm studs pressed in and threaded in. if it is pressed i suggest buying the same size threaded stud, tapping the hole and using 2 stacked nuts screw it into the hole in the head. if its threaded just remove the old one and thread in the new one, be sure to check torque value for this application answer if a rocker arm is broken, u need to remove rocker cover the rocker arms are all on one tube bolted to the head remove the nuts that secure this tube slide as many rocker arms as need to get to broken rocker arm, off the tube replace with new rocker arm replace others that u needed to remove. sit tube with rocker arms back in place making sure that u align all rocker arms to the proper place tighten securing nuts to proper torque over tightening will break the studs then adjust rockers to specs if engine has hydraulic lifters you will not have to adjust replace rocker covers using new gaskets if the rocker ram is loose, adjust to specs if engine has hydraulic ligters, torque to specs job is done

How do you adjust valves on a 2.2l s10?

There is no adjustment. Rocker arm nuts/studs are torqued down to specs and that's it. If they are clattering you have worn out valve train parts.

Do you torque rocker arm nuts cold or running?

you can do both one by cuonting thread on rocker studs you should see about 4 to 5 two you can start engine tighten down till clatter stops then half turn back

Are all Chevy rocker arm studs pressed in?

No you can get screw in studs mainly for high performance engines.

How to replace wheel studs on cavalier?

you dont

How many studs on a 2001 cavalier?

there is 20

Does the rocker arm boss have to be cut down when replaced stock rocker arm studs with screw in studs?

I think the only time you have to do any cutting is when you're using guide plates.

What are the torque specs for the rocker arms in a 4.3 v6 with pressed in rocker studs?

dfhn you have to get the piston to TDC you do this by removing the spark plugs and sticking a small screwdriver in the spark plug hole then turn the engine manualy you will feel it come to the top then on that cylender you thighten those 2 rocker arms hand tight then once their hand thight you go 1/2 turn with a rachet the guy that told me this owns a machine shop and has been building engines for over 20 years

What causes threads in an engine to break and crack the rocker arm?

You must have a modified camshaft. The lift on the cam is to high of a lift and the rocker arms are binding on the studs. You need to use a long slot rocker arms to stop that. You also need to check the rocker are studs and make sure they are not cut in half.

What is the torque on the head nuts on a 72 vw beetle?

first torque step is 84in-lbs...second torque step is 18 if you have small m8 studs or 23 for big m10 studs

What is the torque for the rocker arms on a 1998 Malibu And the torque on the intake bolts?

for the rocker arms bolts its-- 98 and later, step 1- 168 in-lbs. step 2-- rotate an additional 30-degrees. this is all for a 3.1 v6, the intake bolts are -- (lower) step 1, 62 in-lbs, step2, 115 in-lbs, intake manifold bolts/studs(upper)---18 ft-lbs,

How big of a cam can i run in a stock small block Chevy?

Around 450, to 460, lift, 250, to 260 degrees duration, 116, centerline. New answer: If you run anything bigger then a 400 Lift, Then you MUST change the rocker arms to a LONG SLOT rocker arm are you will CUT the rocker arm studs in half. Even with the 400 LIFT it will still try and probley pull the rocker arm studs out of the head if the studs are pressed in like MOST stock heads are.

Are the rocker arm studs in a 1974 Chevy 350 engine threaded or pressed into the head?

pressed in..

How tight do you tighten the valves on a 5.7 Chevy motor?

Rocker Studs 50 lb/ft

What is the torque specs for a 99 Chevy s-10 2.2 head bolt?

The torque specs for cylinder head bolts in the S10 are Long bolts 46 foot lbs, short bolts 43, engine mount to engine bolts 39, engine mount through bolts 38, engine mount bracket to frame,33, exhaust manifold nuts 115 in lbs, flywheel driveplate to crankshaft, 55, Intake manifold to cylinder head nuts/bolts up through 1998 24, 99 up 17, lifter guide retainer to block studs 97 in lb, oil pan bolts 89 in lbs, oil pump to block bolt 32, rocker arm studs 37, rocker arm nuts (bolts on 99 up) 19-22, timing chain cover bolts 97 in lbs, valve cover bolts 89 in lbs