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1995 Pontiac grand am leaks coolant why does engine run cool?

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How do you know it leaks? Fluid level drops or by puddle on ground? If puddle it may be from the overflow. May be overheating even if temp reads normal. Radiator cap may be weak and letting the coolant come out the over flow. Replacing cap "may" fix it. Answer 1 is not incorrect but, I will respond to the part of the question about running "cool" in spite of the leak. IF the temperature sensing and guaging system are working properly, then the "normal" reading is correct. If the leak is small enough, and ENOUGH coolant REMAINS in the cooling system, then that would allow for adequate cooling, and thus a normal reading. Also, if the leak is small, and by regular "topping off," you keep the cooling system FULL, then one would expect normal cooling, and thus a normal guage indication. j3h.

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2005 Pontiac grand prix vacuum line diagram?

The vacuum line diagram for a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix can be found in the service manual. Vacuum is provided by the engine and leaks can cause serious performance issues.

1992 grand prix looses coolant Changed radiator water pump and thermostat What else could it be?

3.1 engine leaks at the intake gasket

Is an engine coolant leak bad?

Yes, If to much leaks out this will cause the engine to over heat, smoke and or stall hence the name engine COOLant :)

Diesel grand vitara enging problems?

Diesel Grand Vitara engine problems can be caused by low-quality oil or coolant leaks. Fouled spark plugs can also cause the problems.

How do you change a thermostat on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am?

Should be located in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose Drain about 1 gallon of coolant from radiator Remove housing Make note how thermostat is installed Clean both surfaces Replace thermostat and gasket Re-fill coolant slowly to prevent an air lock Start engine and look for leaks Run engine to normal operating temperature with heater on Re-check coolant level

What engine problems can occur if engine coolant leaks onto engine during thermostat repair?

If coolant leaks onto an engine it will cause no damage unless it leaks onto the alternator or into a wire harness connector of some sort. It is best to clean up leaked coolant as much as possible. It will smell a little when the motor is started. Leaked coolant on the ground is a danger to animals and children as it has a sweet smell but is very toxic.

What does it mean if your diesel engine leaks coolant?

You have a failed gasket, seal, or hose.

How do you find leaks on Pontiac 3.8 engine?

you can pressurize the system to find a leak

Your 1998 grand am se leaks after you start it not when it sits?

what is it leaking? water, oil,coolant,or gas

Can head gasket leaks destroy an engine?

yes, especially if the leak is causing coolant to leak, you can run out of coolant. then overheat.

What does reduced engine power mean in a 2003 Chevy Tahoe?

That means the engine is running HOT. Need to check the coolant level and check for coolant leaks.

Steps for a 3100 motor thermostat 2001 Pontiac grand prix?

Should be located in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose Drain about 1 gallon of coolant from the radiator Remove this housing Note how thernmostat is installed Clean both surfaces Replace thermostat and gasket Re-install housing Re-fill coolant slowly to prevent an air lock Start engine and look for leaks Run engine to normal operating temperature with heater on Re-check coolant level

Signs of a blown manifold gasket?

Depending on what engine you have, Intake manifold; vacuum leaks, coolant leaks internal and/or external, oil leaks. Exhaust manifold; exhaust leaks, backfires.

Front of motor leakes coolant?

If the front of the engine leaks coolant there is a blown head gasket. This requires immediate repair as it can lead to a blown engine if not managed appropriately.

What causes coolant leaks on 96 grand marquis?

A crack near or on the thermostat housing can cause a coolant leak in a 1996 Grand Marquis. The thermostat housing is located near the manifold on this vehicle.

What can I do for a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix if the engine over heats and the thermostat has been replaced and a flush and fill done?

You can check your coolant reservoir cap for oil, check the oil cap for water, and check the seals around the middle of the engine for oil leaks. If any or all of these are present, there may be an intake leak and the intake gasket needs replaced.

How do you check a coolant leak on a 2000 VW beetle?

Check coolant leaks with a visual inspection. Clean the engine, then see where the coolant reappears. Look under the water pump. Check engine oil to see if coolant is leaking into the oil.

Why do you smell engine coolant inside car but found no leaks?

Check your cabin air filter.

No leaks but lose coolant?

Could be getting into engine. Check tailpipe emissions for white smoke.

Why is your 1998 Chevy Malibu LS leaking coolant from the left and right front of the engine?

have coolant system pressure tested and look for the leaks

Can water leaks make a car overheat?

If by water you mean engine coolant, yes. Loss of coolant, antifreeze, is a major cause of overheating.

What are signs of head gasket going bad?

Engine oil mixing with coolant and/or coolant mixing with engine oil.Losing coolant but don't see any leaks. White smoke (steam) coming out the exhaust that has a sweet smell to it.

Why is oil in water in radiator on series 60 Detroit's engine?

* Failing head gaskets * Warped heads * Cracked engine blocks and heads * Coolant leaks to the outside of the engine through a breach between the head and block * Coolant leaks through the headbolts * Intake manifold coolant leaks * Overheating due to a cracked head or block * Oil leaks into the cooling system (Radiator) * Coolant leaks into the oil * Excessive steam and water from the tailpipe i know the 60 series pretty good and the first thing i would check is the oil cooler, if that checks out i would check the liner o-rings by pulling the oil pan off and pressure testing the coolant system

What can make a 2004 grand prix gt heat up if there is no leaks?

thermostat sticking or low oil or low coolant

What could cause your 1999 Grand AM SE to run hot and loss coolant with no leaks?

change your antifreeze fill cap.

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