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1995 Thunderbird overdie light does not work?


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The bulb is most likely burned out. You have to remove the instrument cluster to replace it.


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they made a major front end change from 93 94 and 95 so im guessing it's not

Could it be your starter won't work because... Ford didn't make a 1998 Thunderbird?

by the light istself there is an ON/OFF switch.

it should as long as you use the 92's computer and harness

if it is the 4.6 V8 - it is located under the glove box on the passenger side. The plug-in code reader will work & tell you what is wrong. Took mine to Auto Zone - they did it or free but I had to tell the dude where it was, as he was walking toward the drivers side.

There are versions of Thunderbird for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. (See links below)

replae backup light switch on transmission

The airbag light in a 1995 262 will come on when there is an airbag circuit problem. The airbag will not work right in the event of a crash unless the problem is fixed.

no if your battery light is on and the brake light on then your alternator need to be change

More then likely you need to replace the Thermostat.

The service engine light has to be reset with a scanner. Disconnecting the battery will not work. The light will come back on unless you make the necessary repairs.

I don't know why it is such a big deal just to give me the diagram for the fuse box on a 1996 Ford Thunderbird that controls the fan for the air conditioner and/ heater? I am a woman and I have no one to help me find it and it is over 90 degrees here and I have to go to work about 50 miles away in this heat. Thanks for nothing

Did you check the fuses for that circuit?

Yes, as long as you download the Mac version. Click the link.

Unless you have the problem with the SRS repaired the light will just come back on. It is dangerous to work on this system so have it repaired by a professional. They will reset the light.

If the digital dash lights up but shows no numbers for the speedometer on a 1989 Thunderbird LX, it is possible that a fuse is blown for the speedometer and the fuel gauge. There is more than one light in the dash for the speedometer.

On the 1995 Thunderbird I own it's under the passenger side about half way to the back. You need to have a quick disconnect tool to remove the spring lock fitting on one end of the filter. DON'T use a screwdriver as some people suggest. Yes it can work but if you damage the spring retainer you will not be able to install the new filter. The tool can be purchased at any auto parts store for under 10 bucks.

never mind morons. I found out what the problem was you idiots.

P215/70R15 or P205/70R15 will work as well

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