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To my knowledge there is no tool which will tell your where the ground fault is. It is obvious that the fault is on the same circuit conductor [wire] that the 20 amp fuse is protecting. The only way I know to find the short is to very carefully trace THE wire, inch by inch, DOWNSTREAM of the fuse which keeps blowing. Look for cut, chaffed, or missing wire insulation, probably at a "pinch point" between two sheet metal body panels, or where the wire makes a sharp bend around a very sharp edge of the body sheet metal. A 20 amp fuse suggest a heavy current drawing motor or electrical device, which also could be shorted INTERNALLY, which means you will NOT FIND any shorted wire to body sheet metal. If it appears that this is the cause, testing of the motor or device will be required to confirm the short, and if so, the component will have to be replaced. Do NOT continue to replace fuses UNTIL the fault has been found and eliminated !!! During the "5 seconds" that current is flowing through the wire from the fuse to the short, the wire in between is being subjected to an overload condition which COULD lead to additional damage to your vehicle, OTHER WIRES IN THE SAME HARNESS, AND EVEN THE POSSIBILITY OF FIRE. j3h.

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