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If you reach away up under the dash to the hardest to reach connectors and push on them and wiggle them it will usually fix the problem.

Had one that I cleared the computer by disconnecting the battery for a while.Transmission also wouldn't shift on its own. reconnected the battery and gauges started working again along with the transmission.Still not sure why this worked? (bad computer?) I had the same problem, it was intermittent. If i gave the top of the dashboard a good whack it would come back on. Instrument cluster was the problem.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-05 04:32:12
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Q: 1996 Grand Caravan all gauges stopped working except Tach - fuses all good - any ideas?
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98 jetta glx all gauges stopped working correctly except odometer what is wrong?

buy a new car

Jeep grand Cherokee the dash does not work none of the gauges?

Why dashboard gauges stopped working on a 2000 Jeep Laredo

1993 Mazda Miata All gauges stopped working?

Definitely take apart the gauges, check and make sure all cables are intact.

2003 Chevy silverado dash gauges stopped working?

there was a recall for that .call dealr to see if you qualify

Why have your dashboard gauges stopped working on your Nissan prim era?

They might be broken, check with a mechanic, its illegal to drive when they are broken.

Your gauges on your car are not working?

gauge wiring may not be hooked up if they have never worked or if they have and just stopped working maybe a fuse i would check all your fuses

I have a 1990 ford e-150 van and the gauges for the gas just quit working inside the van only the fuel pumps work just the fuel gauges inside?

I have a 1991 E-150 hightop with 110k miles on it. both the gauges stopped working I had to replace both sending units and that worked

Would a cancel switch make the gauges on your 1987 samurai stop working?

If the Gauges on your instrument panel have stopped working you may have had a voltage converter stop working. This device mounted to the rear of your instrument panel converts the voltage from your alternator to the voltage that your gauges run off of. You can check the fuses with a multimeter and see if both sides have voltage showing, if so then see about replacing the voltage converter.

Where is the fuse box in a 1994 Saturn SC2 and which fuse controls the gauges or what else might make the gauges stop working?

If all of the gauges stopped working there is probably a blown fuse in the right side of the console in the car or out under the hood in that fuse box. If all of the fuses are good then there is likely a bad gauge cluster or a wiring problem.

All gauges in dash stopped working in cluster on 1997 Dakota?

Check the gauges fuse ... may be a short, bad wire or a bad ground. Doesn't happen open but your cluster may be bad as well. NELSON

What would cause that all gauges temp gas mileage etc stopped working on a 1996 Pontiac grand am?

Check the fuse. It says [guages]

Chevy trailblazer 2004 gauges not working?

If your Chevy trailblazer 2004 gauges are not working, check your fuel pump.

How do you charge the AC on a 96 Dodge Caravan?

You need gauges to properly charge it.

On a 2000 Malibu the right two gauges of the four gauge cluster stopped working what would cause only the right half of the cluster to stop?


What do you check if the light or gauges do not work on a 1984 Nissan maxima?

Check the plastic "Molex" connector at the firewall. Disconnect and reconnect. Same thing happened on my 1894 Maxima; could drive the car but the tachometer and other gauges stopped working.

Where is the instrument control panel located on a 2003 dodge grand caravan?

That is the part with the gauges.

What would you need to replace if your speedometer and odometer stopped working but the other gauges still function We replaced the speed sensor and checked the instrument cluster connection?


Why has my gauage's stopped working?

Not knowing what vehicle you have, many vehicles have a single fuse that protects the circuit that powers the gauges. That fuse may have blown for whatever reason. Check the fuses.

1998 Dodge Caravan The windshield wipers Head lights Tail lights and Gauges don't work Can someone help me with this problem?

It is possible it is the body control module, I had the same problem except my brake lights worked.

How do you fix a 1994 Dodge Caravan if the check gauge light came on and all the gauges stopped working?

I had the same problem and I had to reach away up under the dash and push on the connectors up behind the dash. The hardest to reach ones were not connecting properly and when I pushed and wiggled them it fixed everything. replace the guage fuse see your owners manual for what location

The temperature gauge speedometer tachometer and fuel gauge have stopped working in a 95 pontiac grand am is there a fuse to just the gauges if so; where is it?

Yes, there is a fuse for this. It should be labeled INST.

What does it mean if your gas gauge and speedometer just stopped working?

this recently happened to my 2005 Monte Carol. The MECHANIC had to readjust BEHIND the dashboard. It seems all 3 gauges are connected.

Why are the speedometer fuel and oil gauges not working on a 1999 Dodge Caravan?

Type your answer here... air bag sensor light on? I had one in a 96 in the column, went to local wreaker and changed the column. Works now

Why would my1999 Town and Country gauges stop working but it you hit the dash they start working again?

I had the same was the "computer". I had to hit the dash for about a year, then it just stopped working. It was around 800.00 to fix. You need to do at a Chrysler dealer as they have to input the codes that your local mechanic will not have.

Why would all the gauges on the dash quit working?

Lose of power or ground since all the gauges quit working.