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I have had 45 minivans over that past 15 years. All have been Plymouth or Chrysler. All have had a vibration issue at higher speeds 50mph +

It has always turned out to be the rear tire alignment issue. Shims are needed to align the rear and just about every mechanic out there is just a bit lazy because it's a pain to perform the shim process correctly !

When the read tires are not aligned properly, the rear axle has a nasty habit of actually bouncing / vibrating.

Might want to check it out.


The front Carrier Hub bearings only last 50 to 60 thousand miles. That is if you pamper it.

When you say "wobble" this reminds me of the bad wobble and shake that I had with my Voyager van. It only occurred when I was speeding up (pressing on the gas) but as soon as I would let off the gas it would stop. It turned out to be worn out motor-mounts which caused the c.v. joints to bind-up. After the mechanic replaced the mounts the wobble went away.

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Q: 1996 Plymouth voyager 3.3 liter it has a viberation like a tire problem or bent rim but its not the case you are thinking it is a bent shaft Its a wobble any suggestions?
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