1997 Plymouth breeze 2.0 4cyl I can not get my brake lights and running lights and directionals and backup lights and reverse lights to work anymore fuses are all good?

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Either all these lights are fed from one live (+ve) wire and that has broken or you have a bad earth wire (-ve) for all these lights; unless many wires have been damaged. Take a length of wire that can take 30A and connect to the -ve side of battery and connect directly to the -ve side of each light and test. then do the same for the +ve side. Best to put in an in-line fuse to this wire (say 10A) to guard against fire and errors. This will help to track down where the fault is.
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What is with an 89 Regal the brake lights do not work and the fuses are good?

Answer . Could B a BRAKE light switch or a Turn signal\nharness\n. \nI had one where a "Fuseable Link" had blown and another where a defective "Fuse Block" was the culprit. I just jumpered a wire from\na hot connection on the Fuse Block to the dead section of the Fuse Block and all was well. I w ( Full Answer )

What is the color of the wire for the tail lights on 1994 Chevy 4x4 Silverado if the tail lights do not work but the brake backup lights do and the fuse is good?

Look under the rear of the truck on the left side frame rail. The wire for the back up lights is light green. The brake/turn signal wire on the left side is yellow. The brake/turn signal wire on the right side is dark green. Your taillights and bumper lights are a brown colored wire. You also have a ( Full Answer )

Why would the tail lights brake lights and speedometer lights in a 1988 Toyota Camry LE not work when the fuses and bulbs are all good?

The Toyota Camry has a weakness with tail lights and break lights. The Camry uses a sensor, called the "Lamp Failure Indicator Sensor", and if it burns out, you will lose your tail lights, or brake lights, or both.. This sensor is a small 2 inch box, which comes in different colours, like yellow, w ( Full Answer )

Why would your dashboard lights and tailights and parking lights not work but your headlights and brake lights all work fine Fuses are all good and dimmer switch is ok as well?

Answer 1 . Your non-working instrument panel lights, tailights, and parking lights have ONE thing in common, they are controlled by the same switch which controls the headlights.. The working brake lights do not even figure in the analysis as they are on a totally different circuit from ALL of t ( Full Answer )

99 Audi A4 reverse lights do not work on either side The bulbs are good and there are no blown fuses Brake lights and driving lights are fine What may be causing this?

headlight switch . On my 98 A4 1.8T I had the same problem. The problem was the entire headlight switch on the stearing column went bad.\n. \nI dont know if the headlight switch has anything to do with the reverse lights but from my own experience the reverse light problem is caused by thhe reve ( Full Answer )

What could cause the reverse - backup lights to not work and what fuse are they on in a Ford Windstar?

Answer My 95 Windstar back-up lights were not working, I had to replace the Gear Position Sensor (Transmission Range Sensor / Neutral Safety Switch) which is located behind/below the air filter, It took 10 minutes, and cost only $23.00 at the local parts store. Fuses - 1999-2003 Models Accor ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with the brake lights if all of them work but when you apply the break they don't light up fuses are good and lights are good 1997 Saturn SL2?

car brake switch location . I sounds like the braklight switch is out of position, has failed, or the connector has fallen off. On most cars it is located on a bracket such that when the brake pedal is released it holds the switch open. Get you head down where you can see the brake pedal and how ( Full Answer )

Why would the tail lights and dash lights not work on a 1997 Honda Accord if all the other lights work including the brake lights?

Answer . An aftermarket radio installation could be the culprit. If you have an aftermarket/custom radio installed in your vehicle, check the wiring harness to make sure no unused or loose wires are exposed in any way. In my case, I had an unused wire coming out of the harness hanging loose. It ( Full Answer )

Tail lights and brake lights and backup lights don't work at all?

Answer . \nYou have a short. One of the wires is grounding out or your fuses are blown. Check the fuses under the drivers side dashboard (by your left knee) with a test light. If you look at the top of each fuse you'll see a number (10, 15, 25...) on either side of that number you will see two s ( Full Answer )

What if the fuses for the brake lights on a dewoo leganza are good but the lights still don't work?

Possible causes & diagnosis . Possibly: -no power to the fuse -broken wiring between the fuse and the switch -broken wire between switch and bulbs -bad connection of terminals at the switch -bad connection of termnals at the bulbs -no ground at lamps -faulty brake switch Suggeste ( Full Answer )

Why do the running lights not work on 98 wrangler aLL FUSES AND SWITCH IS GOOD?

Answer . Hey , I finally got this problem solved. I had to go through every componet from the battery to the switch. I found that the fuse block (Behind the glove box) did not have battery power supply to three fuses. While checking every inch of the Red wire / black tracer I found it had power l ( Full Answer )

Why are Nissan Pulsar 2001 Q reverse lights not working. All other lights are working. Fuse is good as are bulbs. What else could it be?

I also own a Nissan Pulsar Q hatchback with the same problem. One reverse light is orange, the other is white. The dealership when attempting to fix this problem assumed I had two white reverse lights so my car short circuited. I have been told for the orange light to work I have to turn on the h ( Full Answer )

Why do my brake lights on work when I'm in reverse?

the mountaineer has 3 individual light sockets that can easily be put into the wrong place when replacing the rear light assembly. Just take a Phillips head screwdriver and take out the light assembly to get access to and change the different dongles to the proper receptical.

Why does the check engine light comes on for our 1997 Plymouth Breeze?

The check engine light (service engine soon) comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis system of your vehicle. Generally, the problem is in the emissions or something that is affecting the effectiveness of the emissions, but other causes can trigger the light to come on, ( Full Answer )

1997 Buick park avenue tail lights and dash lights dont work but all others work fuses are good?

I have a 97 Buick Park ave and the dash lights went out ? all other lights seem to be working , and I cannot identify which fuse , if any could be in need of replaceing . I cannot , with the owners manual , identify which fuse it is that controlls the dash lights ? there are too many , fuses with co ( Full Answer )

Why do all your lights work but your brake lights?

Uh...I would first check to make sure your bulbs are not blown. check brake light fuse. If still no trace wiring fro brake lights back. Hope this helps. You might also check the brake light switch on brake pedal.

Brake warning light on in 1999 Plymouth breeze?

I had this problem for a few months and it took me forever to figure out what it was. I'll give you the few things I fixed at once to make the light stop coming on. Fill the brake fluid, change the break pads, and make sure that your e-brake (emergency break) is pushed all the way down and is not en ( Full Answer )

What causes tail lights and turn signals to not work on a 1964 Pontiac GTO Fuses good headlights work brake lights work all new bulbs Just rear running lights not coming on?

try pulling headlamp switch out inspect the plug for melted terminals especially the brown wire also check h/lamp switch terminals for burn marks. also a bad turn signal switch will cause probs, you dont even have to take out turn switch just plug a new one in under dash and see if it works make ( Full Answer )

How do you fix the problem of the brake lights not working when all fuses and bulbs are good?

double check all fuses cause sometimes when you reconnect the brake light they can short out, also make sure that the bulbs twist in all the way sometimes they like to be hard to do but always a good thing to double check. If your still having trouble just stop by a local mechanic shop and ask them, ( Full Answer )

Why don't park lights work 1997 Plymouth breeze fuses are good?

If fuses are good, I'd check all bulbs on that circuit. Take note that many vehicles have multiple lights on one circuit. Start with the parking light bulbs though. Don't forget license plate light and trailer hitch harness. If it ends up being a bad bulb, see sources and related links below for bul ( Full Answer )

Why dont park lights work 1997 plymouth breeze fuses are good?

If fuses are good, I'd check all bulbs on that circuit. Take note that many vehicles have multiple lights on one circuit. Start with the parking light bulbs though. Don't forget license plate light and trailer hitch harness. If it ends up being a bad bulb, see sources and related links below for bul ( Full Answer )