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probably put the timing belt out of sync


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The pump will need replaced if it is grinding.

A Chrysler/Dodge dealer can get that part.

It is on the bottom of the washer bottle.

If you remove the right front plastic fender liner on the caravan, the water pump is lower right of the engine.

It is the item below the ac compressor.

i have the exact same problem i changed the water pump last night waited an hour to make sure gasket dries placed water in it and it wont start. i replaced everything as i took it apart and i dont understand it.

It is the two wire sensor near the thermostat housing.

The water pump on a 3.0L is inside, driven by the timing belt.

The AC drain on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan EX is located underneath the front of the vehicle. Often, when the drain is clogged, water will leak into your vehicle and get the floorboards wet.

depends on how much money you're willing to spend on it for repairs. I have a 01 caravan with original engine and transmission and it has 286,000 and only recently started costing money.***I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan with 252,000 miles and going strong. Transmission replaced at 175,000 miles. Water pump and driver power window motor replaced. Of course, struts replaced. Parking brake lost its mojo at about 240,000 miles. No engine problems at al. No A/C problems. I expect to drive this car to 300,000 miles.

Then you need to have it replaced.

you have to take timing belt cover the water pump work with the belt

== == == == 4 cyl? or v6? generaly the water pump has the lower radiator hose connecter to it.

It is inside the front of the engine, it is driven by the timing belt.

I did mine, first time on this vehicle, in an hour .

It is the item in the serpentine belt that is the lowest and furthest forward.

If this is a 4cylinder motor, the water pump is located in with the timing belt,and should be replaced by a qualified mechanic, this is a interference motor, if timing belt is not properly installed, motor damage will result. Bent valves, holes in pistons,etc.

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