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On my 97 Explorer, I found people on eBay that repair/swap-out a re-built cd-changer. You have to remove the changer and ship it to them, they send you back one that works. Mine came 1-year warranty, and I needed it, but he replaced it under the terms of the deal. Just over 100 bucks for the replacement with 1 year warranty. I too had this problem. I removed the changer from the console and opened took off the covers. Turns out one of the CDs came off the track while loading from the magazine. I was on a bumpy dirt road when this happened. I took a toothpick and pushed the CD back into the magazine and it has worked fine ever since. Taking the unit out of the console was not to difficult, I removed the arm rest just to get it out of the way and removed the tissue/coin holder. After taking out the screws that hold the unit in, it can be moved enough to unplug the wire harness. The covers come off with the small screws. Putting the unit back together can be a challenge as there are rubber pads that act as shock absorbers and they are a bugger to hold in place while reassembling the unit. It took me a number of trys and I can not suggest a simple solution for that except patience. Once the covers are back on, just remount in the console.

2007-09-20 12:06:51
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