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My first thought was that you may have a head gasket problem. To verify before spending much money, have a compression & leak down test performed on each cylinder. Each should read 90 to 110.

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Leaking antifreeze problem 1990 buick lesabre?

Leaking from? Hose Water pump Intake gasket

Mercury Mystique coughing?

If car is coughing and stalls out until you drive whats the problem.

Why does a Mitsubishi galant 1999 is leaking antifreeze inside of the car?

Usually a heater core problem.

Why can I smell antifreeze in my car?

antifreeze smell inside car means that there is antifreeze leak somewhere. first check for wet spots under car when parked after running.if anti freeze is leaking from engine it will pool on the ground next check to see if heater core is leaking. that is usually the problem. if heater core is leaking, replace it

If you are leaking antifreeze and the car is smoking what could be wrong?

It depends on if you see the antifreeze leaking or it is just disappearing. If it is just disappearing then a bad head gasket or cracked head may be the problem. The smoking could actually be vaporized antifreeze. If that is the case don't run it until you can get it fixed.

What is the problem if antifreeze is leaking from your 2000 Chrysler cirrus?

A part has failed. Find where the leak starts, and fix that part.

Is it possible for a timing chain cover gasket to be leaking antifreeze and why?

It is possible and if it is you have a serious problem. Seek professional help.

Have a 76 Caprice and antifreeze runs out under dash what is the problem?

The heater core is leaking. Replacing the heater core is your best bet.

Antifreeze leaks into the oil is vehicle still good?

You've got either a leaking intake gasket or a leaking head gasket. It's a serious problem which needs to be repaired.

You have antifreeze leaking only when car is running It is dripping down underneath the passenger side next to trasmission It is pure coolant You changed thermostat?

I would check the hoses leading into your radiator, and also the overflow for antifreeze. If that is not the problem, it could be your heater core. Your heater core might be leaking, you might have a hose leaking

What would be the problem if you replaced the water pump and thermostat 3 times you have enough coolant but it looks like it is leaking anti-freeze?

What other symptoms besides leaking antifreeze? Where do you see the anti-freeze leaking?

On an Oldsmobile Silhouette van leaking antifreeze and its not from the radiator resevouror hoses where else could it be leaking from?

Intake manifold gasket leak....big problem with that engine. Sorry for the bad news.

How do you stop a antifreeze leak on a 1998 Chevrolet deasel truck?

if it is leaking from the radiator you can crack an egg and put it in the radiator and it will solve your problem

How bad is it for your 06 caravan to be leaking a lot of antifreeze how much can that problem cost you?

If the engine overheats it can ruin it which can cost thousands of dollars.

Why don't the car speakers work the left side on 1998 mercury mystique?

It could be a loose connection, it could be a problem with the speakers, or it could be a problem with the head unit.

What is a system too lean bank 1 on a mercury mystique?

Just had this problem. I replaced the oxygen sensor and it appears to be running fine.

Hot air is not blowing in your 1996 Mercury Mystique?

air is blowing bat problem is no air com to front only in class

Reoccurring starting problem on 98 Mercury mystique not getting fuel changed pump worked okay now problem reoccurred What is causing this problem?

I had the same problem with a 98 contour, It was the fuel pressure regulator.

How do you fix an antifreeze leak in a 2006 charger?

You need to pressure check the coolant system to determine just what is leaking first and the address that problem..........

6.2L Diesel leaking antifreeze no visible leak?

Bad head gaskets leaking coolant into comustion chambers, reason for no visible leaks. common problem on diesel engines all over the world.

Why is there oil in the spark plug area on a 1998 mercury mystique?

We found the the valve cover had a bad gasket. We had to replace ours and that solved that problem.

89 Corsica Water pump and thermosat changed when heat is turned on you smell antifreeze Could there be another problem?

possible leaking heater core

Can't put gas in Mercury Mystique when it gets hot outside Vapor Lock?

If the gas tank is vapor locking when it is hot outside, on a Mercury Mystique, it is probably because too much air is getting into the tank when the vehicle is driven. Replace the gas cap and this problem should go away.

You have 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L antifreeze is leaking down right side of block back to transmission case Only leaks after sitting for awhile Help?

I had the same problem with my 5.9L and it was the timing chain housing leaking antifreeze. It could also be a freeze plug maybe but that is rare. Hope this helps

What is the problem when the antifreeze leaks after replacing a hose?

Depends on where its leaking from. Could be a clamp hasn't been tightened enough. If its coming from elsewhere, it could be a leaking head gasket. Look for coolant in the oil or coming out the tail pipe.

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