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1999 Cavalier Z24 daytime driving lights won't work and the light on the dash panel blinks continuously?

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March 24, 2010 8:05PM

When this happened on my '99 Cavalier Z24 convertible, the DRL (Daytime Running Lamps) Relay had failed. Locate the instrument panel fuse block by opening the car's driver side door and looking at the left end of the instrument panel. To open, push the tab on the access door to the left and pull the door forward. Make sure to insert the tabs when replacing the cover. The DRL Relay is in the 3 O'Clock position, probably black plastic, about 1/2" X 3/4" X 1" deep and larger then the other relay and fuses in that panel. The replacement cost over twenty dollars at the local Chevy dealer. After I inserted the new relay, my daytime running lamps operated correctly.

Get one at a salvage yard much cheaper or test the one you have.If that dont correct the problem you are in for a headache finding a short in the front wiring harness.GM enginer's are at fault here.When they put this wiring harness together,they used tape as a wire insulator. DUCT TAPE!! There are about forty-eleven splices on the part of the harness that is fastend to the front bumper between the metal bumper and the radiator/condensor.Water gets into these splices and it gets corrosin on the splice. I was told to replace the harness.That would be a lame thing to do.WHY change it to another one just like it? Take all this tape off,cut the splice,INSTALL HEAT SHRINK INSULATORS ON THE WIRE,connect it together again(just like it was)put alittle light bulb grease on the splice,then srink the insulator around the splice. It solved my problem with BOTH of my 97 z's..Good Luck and do 1 splice at a time. Or go to a garage.