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not likely PCM problem... most common cause is either ... Bad Cooling Fan Relay Blown Cooling Fan Fuse or Bad Cooling Fan Motor

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Q: 1999 Chevy Cavalier When you are driving it works fine but when stopped it starts to overheat and the air conditioner turns on and off Could it be the pcm module?
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Infinity I30t stopped while driving No overheat not out of gas?

fuel pump relay may need replacing

You were driving your Chevy cavalier the other day when it started to buck then just stopped running?


What causes a car to overheat while driving and only leak antifreeze while stopped?

your cooling fans are not kicking in. They make have clutches that have gone bad. they need to be replaced. Also check the themostat

What happen to the 2008 cavalier?

There isn't one - they stopped making them.

Home air conditioner not blowing air?

Your air conditioner blower may have stopped working because the blower motor isn't working. You can replace the blower or replace the air conditioner.

If compressor has failed will air conditioner run?

If the compressor has stopped running altogether the AC will not work.

How do I fix Cavalier dash rattles?

Bash it with a rubber mallet while it is rattling. Seriously. Mine stopped.

Why does the air conditioner blow cold when driving and then blows hot after it is stopped and restarted. it has been charged with freon.the blower works great but blows hot air.?

sounds like you need to replace either the thermostat or the temp control switch

Owner manual commercial cool portable air conditioner?

the unit stopped working completely - did it freeze up?

Why does the battery light keep going on and off on your 2022 cavalier?

WOW !!!..... I have never seen a 2022 cavalier... I thought they stopped making those back in 2004. But it will be a altenator, battery, or a loose/corroded cable.

Why does my 1993 cavalier overheat at stoplights but not on the highway?

Most likely your radiator fan is not spinning when stopped. When the car is moving the airflow generated is cooling your car. As a first step, open the hood, start the engine, then turn on the air conditioner. This should energize the cooling fan(s). If the fan does not turn on, have someone detach the wires and give the fan 12 volts. If the fan works with the 12 volt power source applied, then it could be a fan switch, fan switch relay, fuse, or fusible link. I hope this help, John

What would cause my 96 Chevy cavalier to sometimes die while driving it after it has been started and stopped a couple of times. than it takes sometimes 10 minutes to get it started?

It could be a plugged fuel filter. Or a plugged catalatic converter. Or a weak coil

What can be wrong with your home's central air conditioner which stopped working but everything seems normal?

Have you checked the breaker outside by the unit

Why would the air conditioner stop working on a 2001 acura TL?

The air conditioner may have stopped working in a 2001 Acura TL because it needs Freon. It may also be a problem with a connection somewhere.

Where is air conditioner relay switch on 1999 Chevy s-10 air conditioner stopped throwing cold air suddenly?

My guess is the system is low on freon being 11 years old.

How do you reset the service reminder light 2004 cavalier?

Vauxhall Cavalier? They stopped making them long before 2004, Regardless, on some cars if you disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes it goes off. Otherwise, take it to the garage.

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Unit is reading error 79 not cooling?

Trane Air conditioner has stopped cooling the thermostate is sending a error message 79

Why is a 1997 Dodge Dakota leaking from air conditioner system?

If you mean leaking water in the car then the drain is probably stopped up.

What might be wrong with john deere 4300 hydrostatic transmission it stopped driving pto stopped running but engine is fine?

check the torsion dampener.

How come your radio in your cavalier stopped working?

After analyzing all of the information included in the question, my guess is that it broke. If his fix didn't fix it...Check the fuse....

What could be wrong with fanblower for 2005 Chevy Cavalier that just stopped working?

The fan relay could be bad or the fan motor could be bad.

Your 1997 Dodge Avenger ES starts to overheat when you are in drive and stopped but as soon as you start driving the temperature gradually starts to go back down your fans and thermostat work fine?

If you're absolutely sure the radiator fan is working properly, have the radiator flow tested. Also, check the thermostat. It may be partially blocked.

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