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The XJ6 was a full-size luxury vehicle manufactured by Jaguar Cars from 1968 to 1973. It was offered as a four-door saloon, and was equipped with a power-assisted steering, leather upholstery, and air conditioning system.

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Jaguar XJ6

How much did a 1993 Jaguar XJ6 cost in 1993?

xj6- $49,750



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What does a clicking or ticking sound mean when accelerating or releasing the gas pedal?

As with all of these questions, the cause could be many things, but one common one is this: The clicking is being caused by a bad exhaust-manifold gasket, which allows exhaust to escape its normal route from exhaust manifold to pipe to muffler. And in escaping that route, the leak makes noise as often as the piston nearest the leak purges exhaust from the cylinder in which it is operating. Hence a clicking noise that increases in frequency with an increase in RPMs.

If it's not a valve issue or some other issue, this problem won't hurt the car; it'll just get worse and more noticeable as the exhaust continues to erode the gasket material.

Check for loose sparks plugs also, sometimes the smallest thing could be the problem, i had the same problem and that's what it turned out to be.

Jaguar XJ6

What is the bonnet on a jaguar xj6?

The bonnet is the hood

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Jaguar XJ6

What is fuel fail vcm code 46 mean on xj6?

JAGUAR vehicles obd1 code retrieval For Jaguar vehicles with obd1 codes (made before 1995 or 1993), testing the check engine lights in your dash to get the code is simple. All you do is locate the Vehicle Condition Monitor (VCM) button in the dash panel sitting below the tachometer and speedometer. The procedure begins by turning the key off and waiting for 5 seconds then turning the ignition key to position 2 without starting the engine. When you press the VCM button, codes will start to display in your dash panel. Clearing the codes can be done by turning the key off and removing the battery negative terminal for 30 seconds and reconnect.

Jaguar XJ6

What is the code 37 on a 1993 jaguar xj6 mean?

It means that either your EGR solenoid or EGR valve is bad. The EGR valve sometimes sticks open due to carbon build-up. This can be fixed by removing it and cleaning the valve piston with carburetor cleaner and a metal brush. The EGR valve could also have a bad diaphragm. You can check this by connecting a vacuum hand pump to the EGR valve and checking to see if the valve holds vacuum. If it does not, that means the diaphragm is ripped and the valve will need to be replaced. If neither of these seem to be the problem then you have a faulty EGR solenoid. EGR solenoid replacement is very simple and only takes about 5 minutes.

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Entering the radio code on the 1991 xjs jaguar?

The instructions will be dependent on the type of radio fitted, but these are the instructions for the factory fit Clarion stereo from my 1989 XJS Coupe


The following instructions are necessary in order for your stereo radio cassette to start functioning. Follow the operation below to start your set

- Start Your Set (Release CATS)

1. Turn on the set by turning the volume control clockwise

2. Input your CATS code number as stated on the Credit Card by pressing the numbers on the Preset Switches. The input number will show on the digital display

3. When the correct CATS code number is input, the digital display will change to a radio frequency

- In case you have Input the Incorrect Code Number

An incorrect code number cannot start the set. Follow the instruction below to start the set (if you noticed the mistake half way, complete inputting by entering any numbers to have four digits on the display, then follow the instruction below).

1. Keep pressing the CATS switch for three seconds. The incorrect number on the display will disappear

2. Input the correct CATS number

Jaguar XJ6

What is oil capacity for 1990 Jaguar XJ6?

8 litres
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Jaguar XJ6

Why does a 93 XJ6 give a chirping noise from the front after it has been driving for a bit?


Have the sway bar bushings lubricated. GoodluckJoe

Additional: Joe is correct, and I would add two other less obvious gremlins if that fix didn't work: I had a small plastic clip come loose on the Grill retainer that vibrated at idle and produced a similar sound, and of course a fan belt in its early stages of failure.

Hi I have a jagure as well and I noticed it has a little chirp when excelerating and it come's from the transmition. Like the tire's chirped... If Thes is the sound your talkubf about ite the transmition and the sound in normal in a jagure I am told and not to worry about it, I was toild to tank god I have a Jagure,, Have a great day Vond

Jaguar XJ6

How do you remove the twin fuel tanks from a 1986 Jaguar XJ6?

The most decidedly best way possible is take it an independent Jaguar mechanic familiar with a twenty year olde Series III.Secondly a good English Series III Service Manual should be indispensable as well a 1,75 litre bottle of good gentelman's drinking gin. Manual cost around 100.-US.

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Will max air conditioning cool most efficiently?

An air conditioner cools the air, obviously. But, as the air is cooled, the air can hold less moisture. It takes a lot of work for the AC system to remove humidity from the air. When you first turn on the AC it's often a good idea to switch over to "max", since the AC system will pull the humidity out of the air that's inside the vehicle then recirculate the now dryer air until the vehicle cools.

That's all "MAX" does for you, it recirculates the air inside the vehicle. Once the inside of the vehicle has cooled a little, switch back to normal so that the AC system doesn't build up fungus and start to stink.

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How much does it cost to have a power steering pump put in?

depends on the vehicle.....if its a domestic car the pump is not usually over $100 and usually a lot less ... on an Asian car they can run quite high...and depending on the car, they can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours to change. A domestic usually takes about an hour to change.

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How do you replace door handles on a 1989 XJ6 Jaguar?

This is not a job for the faint hearted. You will need a lot of patience and dextrous fingers. Remove the interior door panels...look into the handle area and spot the 3 small nuts that hold the handles to the door skin..remove and save... locate operating rod clips, release, ease handle out from door, locate loom connectors for lock barrel heater and lock control, they are secured from being trapped by the window in a small clip...... disconnect and remove handle.

Reassembly is reverse of removal plus a little more fiddling about !.

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How do you remove the right front drive shaft on a 1990 LeBaron in order to remove and replace the power steering pump?

you can replace power stering pump without moveing drive shaft but its fiddly. to remove drive shaft undo 30mm nut in centre,undo bottom ball joint and pull strut out of way be ready to catch gear box oil.

Jaguar XJ6

How do you remove the radio from a 1995 Jaguar XJ6?

To remove the radio:

Remove the ashtray by raising the armrest cover and removing the two screws at the rear of the ashtray. Slide the ashtray back and then lift it out. Be careful of the two front tabs, as you don't want to break them.

Reach below the wood console, where the ashtray front tabs were inserted. Loosen and remove the two wing nuts.

With a small, long flat bladed screwdriver, pry out the leather shifter surround. The leather shifter surround has a center chrome retaining ring, the leather surround, and then finally a black plastic surround. The chrome retaining ring has 3-4 tabs which are locked in below the leather surround. It depends on the year of the Jaguar. Probably the 95 has three, but maybe four. They should be at the front and rear of the trim piece (2 front and 1 back, or 2 front and two back) but I've seen then on the sides. The point is, you have to be careful with the screwdriver and find the tabs. The screwdriver should be slid between the leather and the retainer. Pull upwards on the retainer gently, and as you loosen the tabs, it will come out.

Remove the leather surround. Once the chrome retainer has been removed, it should be easy to work it out of the console.

Loosen the black trim ring gently as it has tabs as well, but they are visible once the leather trim has been removed. Lift it upwards out of the wood trim and pull it to the side out of the way. You don't need to disconnect the wires, just lay the black trim to the side.

Lift the rear of the wood console trim and gently, gently slide it back and up. It will try to hang on the leather console, and can be difficult. Patience is important, as the walnut on the ski slope cracks easy (really easy).

Once the wood console trim (ski slope) is removed, you should have a row of screws up the side of the center control panel, where the radio and AC controls are. There are four to six on each side, depending on what Jaguar used at the time, as the 95 cars mechanically are somewhat of a blend of the XJ40 and the XJ300. Remove these screws, and note any spacers that were behind them. These spacers get lost quickly, and cause the ski slope to sit awkwardly on the console.

The radio will slide forwards once these screws are removed. Remove the radio harness and the antenna lead. As the books say, assembly is reverse of removal.

Good luck, and let me know if you have questions. If you are replacing the radio, let me know as I have the harness wiring codes and can help you with that as well.



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What is the firing order for a 1988 Jaguar XJ6?


Number 1 cylinder is at the front of the engine

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1992 Jaguar xj6 turns over but won't start?

I own this same model and the problem i am having is the fuel pump keeps going out. From what I have found out, this is a common problem for this type and year.

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How to you diagnose whats wrong when transmission light comes on on 1996 jaguar xj6?

The light comes on when the transmission goes into the "limp home mode". The transmission uses only third gear. It is not a good idea to drive in this mode for any lengith of time. A common potential fix is to check the electrical plug connection on the left (drivers) side of the transmission. The connector has several pins make sure this is connected securly for some this corrects the problem. If this does not correct the problem then have a Jaguar Dealer connect their diognostic machine to get the fault codes. Good luck. Mike

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What causes the AC Heater blower fan to stop working on a 1989 XJ6?

In order, the most common cause of failure on the blowers is failure of the brushes on the motor itself. The motor is completely open to the elements as air comes in (ie, no cabin filter) and can get water and rust. Check the fuses. If both have failed simultainiously, odds are that the left side one is dead and is causing the right one to fail as well (the left sends the signal to the right, the incoming air temperature sensor is in the left side one, making it the "primary" box). There are several relays in each blower box that can fail from water damage, and a capacitator in the bottom of the blowers that sometimes fails. The module in the center console rarely fails, but can fail to send signal to the "piano" computer (it looks like a grand piano, its the climate control computer) located on the left side of the box containing the evaporator and heater matrix. The connections on the piano computer can fail, and the computer itself can fail. Rarely as well, the feed wires at the fuse box can short and melt, causing a loss of power in the entire circuit.

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Where is inertia switch on 95 XJ6?

I may be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure the Intertia switch for a 95 - 97 is behind the beauty panel in the front passenger foot well, to the right. Remove one screw, pull little plastic cover off, inertia switch is forward of the computer.


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Where is the cold start relay located on a 1985 jaguar xjs?

1985 doesn't have cold start relay.

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How do you install a new radio on a 1993 jaguar xj6?

The question does not give enough information. If you want to install an aftermarket radio then I suggest you take it to a store who sells and installs aftermarket radios. The reason being the plug that Jaguar uses and that is pluged into the OEM radio has roughly 14 pins in it and a installer probibly has a connector which you will need to connect the cable to the aftermarket radio. On the other hand if you are installing a OEM Jaguar replacement, which would be my choice (Keep Jaguar, Jaguar) the removel and install of the OEM radio is easy. 1. Apply the emergency brake and place the shift lever in reverse (engine off) then go to #2 2. Disconnect the battery before you do make sure you have the radio code if your radio has one. 3. Open the center counsol and remove the two screws that hold in the ashtray in then close the ashtray lid you need to in order to remove lift the ash tray out and disconnect the connectors to the cigarette lighter. 4.Next you need to remove the trim on the gearshift With a thin and I mean thin screw driver gently pry between the shifter and trim ring at the 10 oclock 2 oclock and 6 oclock positions to release the trim ring remove the trim ring and unscrew the shifter knob and remove. 5. where the ashtray was attached to to the center counsol (the ski slope) reach udeneith and find two large plastic wing nuts remove them. Now the center piece can be removed. 6. The climate control, clock and radio are held in by a plastic frame held to the counsol by six screws remove them and gently remove the frame. I said gently because you dont want to break the frame. Its almost impossible o find a replacement for it. 7. Disconnect the connecting cables and remove the radio from the frame 8. Installation is just the reverse of the removel. Hope this helps Mike

Jaguar XJ6

How do you open the trunk of a 1996 Jaguar XJ6 when you've locked the keys inside the trunk and have only the valet key?

I thought that car had a remote trunk switch in the glove box? well anyways you can remove the back seat, or call a locksmith, or have a new master key made using the vin.

Jaguar XJ6

How do you remove the radio from a 1984 Jaguar XJ6?

Inasmuch the installation is similar to the one found on my XJ6 86, this is very simple: - gently pull off both air conditioning knobs. If just pulling them off by hand does not work, use any tool allowing you to exert a gentle pull from behind the knob. The key here is to pull simultaneously from two diametrically opposed points. Otherwise, the inside part of the knob will break. Not much strength should be required, but again, take the time to find or imagine an adequate tool. Sorry I cannot name one. Remove the plastic bezel. - Once you have done that, you will see that the radio is held in place by two nuts with two opposed slots. There probably exists a tool to unscrew them but for lack of having one, I finally manage to use a pair of scissors, half way open, insert the two sharp ends into the slots. This is not exactly high tech but I managed. If the nuts resist this approach, then asking your nearest sympathetic profesionnal ... - Now, you can pull on the radio and access the wires. Unplug the antenn, unscrew the earth wire and disconnect the two plastic connectors. You are done. Of course, having the right tools make the job a picnic, but who has them all? Regards

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Example Sentences

Can you make one unit cool two rooms using a duct to transfer cool air?


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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1994 Jaguar XJ6 Van den Plas?

On a 1993 XJ6 the fuel filter is bolted to the underside of the car on the nearside near the rear wheel-arch.


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