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I had a similar problem with my 2001 gtp. I had to replace the mass air flow meter. This got rid of the tach problem and weird idiling. I still have a hard shift only in 1st gear now! That problem I'm still trying to figure it out. Hope this sheds some light to your problem!

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There is no direct opposite of adapt (to change), there is only the failure to adapt, or the resistance to adaptation (behavioral intransigence).---adapt (verb) = to change to fit/suit new circumstances.Example sentence: "Many animals adapt to new surroundings."adjective: adaptednoun: adaptor, adaptationVerbs such as 'to unadapt', 'to unfit' are sometimes suggested in online dictionaries as valid opposites/antonyms of 'to adapt.' However, while these verbs are theoretically possible, their usage as opposites would seem cumbersome, and are very rare, if indeed they are ever used at all.To illustrate this point, consider the following sentences, which use the opposites/antonyms for 'adapt' that are found in many online dictionaries:-"Some animals unfit (to) their new surroundings." ???"Some animals unadapt to their new surroundings." ??? Do animals really unadapt? Compare with a more usual expression: "Some animals do not adapt to their new surroundings. "Alternatively: "Some animals are unfit for their new surroundings" might be true, but the verb used in this sentence is the verb 'to be'. The word 'unfit' is here used as an adjective, not as an opposite verb to the verb 'adapt'.Other opposites/antonyms are also often suggested, such as to disarrange, dislocate, unchange, or to unalter, but these don't address the essential dual aspect of 'adapt', which has two elements, i.e. (1) to change, + (2) to fit, or suit, new or different circumstances.Verb pairs such as 'to help or hinder', tie/untie, commend/condemn, attach/detach, push/pull, win/lose, arrive/depart, etc., have only one element and their respective natural 'opposites' are clear.SOME VERBS/adjectives which incorporate the word 'adjust' may be possible antonyms, e.g. maladjust/maladjusted, misadjust/misadjusted, unadjust/unadjusted, etc. but care should be taken becuaes these words do not convey the precise opposite of 'adapt.'For example: "Jane has adapted/adjusted to the new management style, but, unfortunately, John is maladjusted." !CONCLUSIONThere does not appear to be any verb that is can be used as the direct opposite of 'to adapt'. However, there are numerous expressions that can be used to convey an opposite idea.SOME SUGGESTIONSAs 'to adapt' means to change to fit new circumstances, then 'to fail or be unable to adapt', or to 'not change', or to remain unchanged, or to leave unchanged/unaltered are possible ways of expressing opposite meanings.Compare:Good speakers adapt their material to fit their audience.Poor speakers often fail to adapt their material to fit the audience.John is quite adaptable. (adjective)But Bob doesn't like change. He has an intransigent (adj.) and somewhat stubborn (adj.) nature. I'm not sure he will adapt to the new situation.We cannot simply adapt our policies according to every whim of the electorate. We stand (verb) by what we have said. Our position is quite clear and uncompromising (adj.) on this issue.SUMMARY: Some textbooks and online sources may list antonyms for the verb 'to adapt', but most, if not all of them are actually antonyms for all the various synonyms of 'adapt", but not for the verb itself.