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Mine did the same thing. It gives no check engine light or codes. It turned out to be the Mass Air flow Sensor for about 170 bucks.

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βˆ™ 2006-09-23 23:45:50
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You hiccough (hiccup).You have a case of the hiccups.Hiccoughs is one answer to this. Usually of no consequence and self limiting.Is amenable to medical treatment if it is endangering.hiccupgives you hickupsyou hiccuphiccupsThe hiccups... I think...singultusSometimes body organs spasm and cause weird reactions. Hiccups are the result that occurs when a persons diaphragm starts to spasm.hiccupsphrenic nerve stimulation

Before you defragment a disk you should?

Run your spyware, antivirus, move any files you want to re-arrange, and/or anything that could cause large amounts of data to be shifted. You may want to disable any programs that actively use your hard drive during the scan to prevent any hickups (although these wouldn't ruin your computer if left running). Analyze your disk, see if you need to defrag, and if it says you do, defrag. Constant defragging of drives could be bad as you are moving large chunks of data and potentially 'wearing out' the drive. In normal cercumstances you shouldn't need to defrag but once every few months.

How do you convert ps2 games to psp?

(@Previous edit: Wrong, you can convert PS1 titles to PSP. I have an eboot of Final Fantasy VII and Xenogears that are completely playable on the PSP. In fact, I beat Final Fantasy VII on it and saw no hickups. I'm going to try and find a way to convert PS2 games to PS1 or directly to PSP. I'll post here if I can do it. End edit.) Games are what they are and can not be converted from one Platform to another. That means that you can not change the game and you must change the platform for it to work. Game designers do not change a game to release, as an example, a PS3, PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and Xbox 360 version, they create a different game for each platform. Sometimes it takes multiple teams or even companies to put together all the different game versions before they can release a game like the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and one of the reasons why MW releases are 2 years apart. You can't, the PSP is nowhere near as powerful enough to play PS2 games. Even most modern PCs would struggle. That would be using an emulator and they do not convert the game, they convert the PC to play PS2 games which is different. Your PSP has an emulator to play the PS1 games. Most Playstation products can play PS1 games because it was technologically very easy to accomplish unlike PS2 games which even the original PS3 had so much trouble the feature was discontinued. Even the PCSX2 emulator can only play about half the PS3 titles, but they have a different definition of playing a game. They still consider playing a game as playable that has problems playing as long as you can eventually complete the game.