1999 jeep Cherokee air conditioning problem cold air blows with intemtritment warm air blowing out of vents and will sometimes resume blowing cold air while sometimes have to shut ac off and restart?

This is exactly the problem on my 1997 Cherokee. this answer saved me alot of work. the plastic tubing was broken in half under the battery tray. I patched it with rubber tubing for now but will replace all of it soon. Now heat and A/c work like new. Great answer Thanks

All of the venting directional airflow problems are usually vacuum related. the micro lines are made of a PVC not polyV so they can and do tend to break easliy. Check under hood, passenger side, right below the coolant tank, two lines run from there along side top of fender wall, down to behind the passenger side front bumper. (can only be seen from below)Sounds like you might have the beginings of a crack that gets affected while driving. (wind, bumps, g-forces of take off and braking)If cracks or breaks are evident, repair with "wiper/washer hose" (the I.D. is a perfectly tight fit for the O.D. of the micro line) Either just the section affected or the entire line start to finish.


sounds very rare to me to hear about cracking tubes or something like that, i have my A/C System on my jeep 1993, working and blowing cold air, it doesn't have anything to do with air ducts or something like that, it just depends on humidy of the atmosphere, when the humidity is high, the A/C cold air takes more time to dissipate the HEAT inside the car, sometimes when the car is on big stress, the system dissables the A/C temporarly which is normal and then it resumes by itself, my jeep does the same but i didn't notice because i like to sweat (lol) but anyway you have a jeep 1999, chances are good that you're A/C is great than mine, by the way, just curiosity, had you experienced overheating on your car when the A/C shut off? , if you had a problem with your A/C then your A/C didn't blow cold air anytime