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You should first take a pregnancy test. You didn't give an age so that makes it tough. It could be the start of menopause if your older or it could be begining stages of pregnancy. It is normal to have brown spotting and even some blood in begining stages of pregnancy. This is caused by the implanting of the fertilized egg on the side of the uterus. It causes some of the tissue to break lose and bleed. Some of this blood stays in the uterus and comes out later which is where the brown spotting comes in. Brown spotting is old blood.

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Q: 1st day got brown spotting then on 2nd day or 3rd had red blood only for 1 day and till now 1 week having brown spotting so please can you tell what is the reason?
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Is there a possibility of being pregnant if you are spotting brownish blood?

That means your having triplets.

Is it normal having spotting during twins pregnancy?

Spotting is OK But anything dark red and very blood can be cause for concern. If you are having a lot of blood and a lot of cramping you should probably go see your doctor asap!

Why am i having a heavy irregular period with blood clots started with brown spotting?

why am i bleeding heavy and having blood clots ? i even bleed thourgh my tapons

What does it mean when you wipe ther is brown blood on the toliet paper?

This is spotting, it's light bleeding that has mixed with your discharge. This can occur at the start of end of your period, or it may be spotting for another reason such as ovulation spotting.

What is brown spotting?

brown spotting is just what is sounds like. old blood is brown. spotting describes the result of drops of blood on a surface. thus, old blood drops=brown spotting.

5 weeks and spotting is brownish and now reddish?

It could be impantation spotting. If you had sex within a day of the spotting starting it could be from the cervix. However if it is changing to red you need to go to see a doctor asap, and make sure your not having a miscarriage. When I was first pregnant with my baby I had spotting without sex and it was from implantation but it was brown blood which is old blood. Red blood is fresh blood!! Good luck.

You have been on the implant and have not had a period so why are you having brown spotting could this be a sign of pregnancy your having pregnancy symptoms?

There are many reasons that you could be spotting. You should make an appointment with your doctor and have blood work done.

If Father and mother both are having B positive blood group and the children are having AB positive and A positive Please comment?

If Father and mother both are having B positive blood group and the children are having AB positive and A positive Please comment?

If im spotting with blood clots could i still be pregnant?

You can still be pregnant even though you are spotting and loosing blood clots.

What does having discharge and spotting mean?

Discharge can mean many things, but in the healthcare field, when used in conjunction with the term spotting, it usually refers to vaginal discharge and spotting. This means to find fluids or substance coming from the vagina that differ from the usual in amount, smell, appearance, thickness, color, etc. Spotting usually refers to small amounts of blood--bright red or darker as in dried blood.

Is it normal to have clotts of blood when spotting?

no it is not normal

What does spotting brown blood mean?


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