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2000 Chevy S-10 spark plugs?


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I've never changed them myself..but I believe..that the spark plugs are located on both sides of the engine (3 on each side), and removing the front tires makes replacement easier.


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I have a 2000 Chevy S10 Extreme - 4 Cyl. The spark plug gap is .040. Althought when purchased, the spark plugs are pregapped. Always double check the gap.

In North America, the S10 series ended in 2004.

Follow the spark plug wires, they will lead you right to them.

4.3? Follow the spark plug wires from the spark plugs, they will lead you right to the distributor.

They are lined up like this on my 1995 Chevy blazer 4.3 L, V6 1,6,5,4,3,2

The spark plug gap for a 1993 Chevy S10 pickup 2.8L is 0.045 inches. This is recommended for original factory equipment. New plugs may or may nor be properly gapped.

if you are talking bout spark plugs, they are located in the side of the engine just follow the plug leads from distributer to the other end.

If you have platinum spark plugs, 100K. If you have standard plugs, 50K.

One per cylinder, a four cylinder has four, a six cylinder has six and so on.

I need to know which is the right length of the spark plug wires are going in to the block?

I have the "Haynes" maintenance book for Chevy S10's and it says for my 1995 (2.2L 4c engine) the spark plug gap needs to be 0.060 inch.My V6 1995 S10 (TBI) Label on radiator shroud says gap for plugs is .045.Answer 2For a1996 4.3L CPI (W) the spark plug gap is .045

Probably an ignition problem,start with replacing thespark plugs, spark plug wires, cap and rotor.

Between the cylinder head the spark plug wire.

Spark plug gap chevy ls blazer

It may have worn spark plugs and or bad spark plug wires, time for a good tune up.

The manufacturer recomends A/C Delco in GM vehicles and Champion in Chrysler products and Autolite in Ford products

Start with a good tune up including spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, air and fuel filters.

You can begin by removing the spark plug wires from your 1985 Chevrolet S 10 Blazer spark plugs. Use a 5/8 deep well socket to turn the spark plugs out. Turning the socket to the left will loosen the spark plugs. Reverse the process to install the new spark plugs.

how to change front shocks in 01 Chevy s10

A 2000 Chevy S10 does not have a timing belt.

Will a 2000 blazer transmission fit a 1998 s 10 chevy 4x4 truck

An alternator from a 2000 Chevy blazer will fit a 2002 S10 blazer with a little fabrication.

The exhaust manifold on a Chevy S10 truck is changed by removing the spark plugs, unbolting the manifold from the cylinder heads, and unbolting the collector. The manifold can then be removed from the vehicle and a new set put in its place.

First thing to do is replace all the spark plugs. If that does not help, replace the plug wires. If that does not help, run a compression test.

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