2000 Dodge Neon The odometer flashes and says door then fuse and then the mileage it continues flashing in sequence The mileage stays lit up even when all the power is shut off?

I came across your problem while searching for the identical situation in my son's car. The only difference was that his dome light also stayed on. Not finding an answer on the Web, he took it to a mechanic who played around with the switches on the doors. After doing something to adjust the switch on one of the rear doors, the problem stopped. My son said that it took only minutes, and the mechanic didn't even charge him for the fix.

I had the same problem with my 2000 dodge neon. The fuses were all good, under the dash and under the hood. The interior light acts as a fuse for the door system, therefor door fuse flashes, so I checked the interior light bulb, it was good. Then I began to trace the interior wiring, it went to the roof interiors back driver side and then down beside the driver side back seat, if that makes any sence. You can take the plastic off were the interior lining ends and there is a connecting with a red mulex type connector. If the two halves are unplugged plug them up and your good to go. Hope this makes sence and works.

i have the same problem for the last 4 months i learened that you have to replace the door stopper


I fixed both "fuse" and "door" flashing in odometer area....went to Walmart..bought a fuse tester with fuses...($20)...bought a "#168 standard performance interior bulb" ($2)...checked all fuses...found 2 burnt out...replaced interior light bulb...then bought at dollar store...self sticking "non-slip" pads...(look like dime-size globs of glue) and stuck them to the door where the door "push-pin" sensor is...(1/2 way up door...you will see where it is worn on door)......problem solved...no more flashing