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anti theft system is bad


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Most headlight circuit breakers are located in the headlight switches. Headlights are on a circuit breaker automatic reset so headlights don't go out if there is a problem and will blink on and off to get you off the road safely until you can fix the problem. Look for a short in the wiring between the headlight switch and the headlights themselves.

i was wondering whether the switch at the parking brake could affect this problem.


I had that issue with my Cavalier and it turned out to be a fuel pump problem. I would check with your local mechanic.

If the headlights flash on and off, there may be a problem with the bulbs or fuses. There may also be a problem with the battery connections or wiring.

What problem, what year, and what do you need to know?

I had a problem with my headlights going off, not the high beams. Replaced the rectangular silver can thingy at the fuse panel under the dash on the drivers side. I put a higher rated one in, which is a no no, but it solved the problem of the headlights going out.

There could be a problem with the power of common ground to the Cavalier light and sun roof. Check the fuses and wiring for the problem.

hi the dip headlight means that you have a problem with the headlights it is a common problem recognized by the factory.

If the headlights are not coming on in a 1997 Lumina, it could be a problem with the headlight switch. It could also be a fuse or the headlight relay.

A couple of possible reasons why your headlights don't light up: 1. Both headlights are burned out. 2. The headlight switch has gone bad. 3. There is a wiring problem.

I have a used '02 Cavalier. I finally figured out that the previous owner disengaged the automatic running lights. If I manually turn on the headlights when I start up, before the clicking sound stops, that little wrench light doesn't come on. If you turn on the headlights after the clicking, then you're stuck looking at the light. Hope that helps. The clicking is the computer registering a problem, the wrench on the dash is Service Vehicle. This goes hand in hand with the BCM, body contol module which monitors your lights, brake lights, headlights, etc. Check all of your bulbs and i can guarantee one is out.

1. You have a busted headlights. 2. You have a busted fuse for the headlight. 3. Have an Electrical wiring connection problem. 4. No battery charge

I had this problem and took my 1990 cavalier to a shop. Nothing came up on diagnostic so they decided my ignition module and coil packs needed to be replaced. This fixed my problem but costed me around 450.00!

You contradict yourself. If your headlights are staying on during the day, then your DRL are working. What is your problem?

When your headlights continue to go out you may have a problem with your alternator. You should have your alternator tested to make sure it is still functioning as it should.

Yes, it is safe to use your bright headlights. The problem is the driver still might not appreciate it, so it is better not to do it.

Carb adjustment or computer problem depending on equipment and year

Have vehicle scanned to determine problem

how do you fix your lighting problem with your 94 chevy cavalier z24 you haveno tail lights dash lights or parking lights

The problem may be the electronic module that controls your daytime running lights. If there is a plug to the module, unplug it and the hi beam lights will work. The Hi Beam light indicator may not work now though until you replace the module.

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