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Check out this link, this happened to mine Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair - CarSpace Automotive Forums

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How many oxygen sensors are there on a 2007 Dodge Durango 4.7 engine?

A 2007 Durango has four oxygen sensors.

Where is the speed sensor located on a Dodge Durango and how do you replace it?

On top of the rear axle. This is from pictures I've seen from guy that replaced their own sensors.

Why does my 2001 Nissan sentra sometimes sputter when at a stop?

Gas mileage also went down and I just replaced o2 sensors.

Where are the oxygen sensors on a 2005 durango?

Exhaust manifold(s).

How many o2 sensors on a 2001 durango 4.7?


1999 3.8L GT gas mileage is down. Any Ideas?

It is one of the oxegon sensors, I just replaced one myself on my 97 GTP.

What sensors affect gas milage in an f250?

All of the engine sensors can affect fuel mileage.

How often should o2 sensors be replaced?

They are replaced when they go bad.

Will the trans from a Durango fit a 95 Ram 4x4?

No, different sensors, plugs, bellhousing.

Where are the o2 sensors located on a 2003 dodge durango?

On either side of the catalyitc converters.

Does O2 sensors affect gas mileage and performance?


Does 2001 Durango have speed sensors?

Yes, on the rear axle, on the trans, and possibly at the front wheels.

Do the o2 sensors effect gas mileage?


91 Chevy 4.3 running rich WHEN WARM UP?

If the oxygen sensors for the 1991 Chevy 4.3 is running rich when it is warmed up it is best to have the sensors replaced. Once the sensors are replaced this should resolve the issue.

Does not having o2 sensors in your tires affect gas mileage even if the tire is inflated properly?

Tires do not have oxygen sensors. They can have pressure sensors. The lack of pressure sensors would have no affect on fuel economy.

How many oxygen sensors on a 2003 4.7 liter engine dodge durango?

any car after 1995 has two, or four oxygen sensors,as they use OBDII system

How many o2 sensors does a Dodge Durango have?

California emissions= 4. All other states= 2.

What if 2003 Yukon keeps getting PO171 and PO174 codes Unlikely both or all 4 oxy sensors are bad?

Have you had your 4 oxygen sensors replaced? It turns out when they replaced my oxygen sensors, they were after market parts so the service engine light did not come and gave codes even though they were replaced.

99 Taurus 3Liter replaced plugs wires and vehicle speed sensor STILL have poor fuel mileage What is the problem?

Possibly the O2 sensors need replacing. There's one in each exhaust manifold.

What would cause your 98 Durango to just shut down when going down the road I have replaced the pcm o2 sensors fuel pump relays throttle positioning sensor coil electronic pickup?

i had a problem with that on a dodge neon and i did the same things you did to fix the problem but it kept shutting down. Well to make a long story short it tuned out to be the computer( brainbox). replaced it and have not had a problem. This was common to the neon not sure on the durango but mabey something to look into

Can you clean the oxygen sensors on a Chevy blazer?

No, they will need replaced if defective.

Will a 2005 Durango motor and transmission fit into a 2002 dodge Durango?

It would fit, but the engine will not run. The 2005 uses a different computer with different tone wheels inside the engine for the cam and crank sensors.

How many O2 sensors are on a 2004 dodge durango?

4 sensors total. 2 upstream on either side of exhaust manifold, 1 left side downstream, 1 right side downstream.

Any proof of better gas mileage by wrapping the oxygen sensors in aluminum foil?

No, does not work.

Do sensors in the exhaust contribute to gas mileage in a 96 honda passport?


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