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I had the same problem due to a broken end rod on the front swaybar.

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What causes a grinding sound when going over bumps?

A lot of times the grinding sound that is heard when going over bumps is actually the car scraping the cement. If it is not a serious problem then the best thing to do would be to drive slow over the bumps.

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Why does your 96 concours jump to the side when going over small bumps in the road?

Sounds like some new struts would help calm that problem

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Ford expedition clunks going over bumps the noise is underneath behind the second row seats any ideas on what it could be?

I had the same problem. It was the rear shocks.

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I am having the same problem and the mechanic can't figure out what is wrong

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When going over bumps there is a noise coming from the rear of the car?

If its a ka thunk sound even on small bumps,Its most likely your STRUT MOUNTS.

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What makes a Car hits hard when going over bumps?

bad shocks or struts