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2001 dodge ram 1500 heater doesn't work?


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January 19, 2008 5:49AM

It depends on what you mean when you say "heater" doesn't work. Does cold air come out your vents? Or does no air come out at all?

If air IS coming out of the vents and it is cold, first I'd check to make sure you have enough coolant in your system. Second, I'd find the coolant lines that run from under your hood, through the firewall, and into the heater core. Grab them under the hood, and see if they are hot. If they aren't, something isn't allowing the coolant to flow to the heater core. If they are, your problem is at the heater core. It could be plugged with gunk, or the door controlling air flow over the heater core and AC evaporator is binding in the cold position.

If air ISN'T coming out of the vents, that means your blower motor isn't working. First locate the fuses, and make sure they are ok. Second, check for power at the blower motor itself. If the motor is getting power, check the ground. If the ground is good, and it has power, your motor is dead. If it doesn't have power, check for power at your resistor. This is what sucks up the extra electricity from you fan speed control on your dash, in affect controlling how fast your blower motor spins. If that has power IN AND OUT, your fan speed control on your dash board is probably no good. Either that or the control on your dash isn't getting power.

Good luck!