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Check to see if your battery is secure. in my jetta the battery kept sliding forward and smacking my left headlight because it was not tightened down

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โˆ™ 2009-09-22 15:40:23
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Q: 2002 jetta 18t wagon left headlight goes out bulb is fine clip was burned out replaced whole assembly worked for a week went out again what should i do?
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Do you need to replace the entire headlight assembly for a burned out headlight on a Venture 2001?

no there should be a replacement bulb you can get that just screws in the back of the assembly

How do you remove the headlight assembly on a buick ultra?

There are 2 thumb screws on each headlight assembly, remove these and it should come out.

How do you replace the headlight assembly on a 2003 Toyota Highlander?

The headlight assembly, on your 2003 Toyota, can be accessed from the engine compartment. Remove the retaining bolts. Unhook the wiring harness. The headlight assembly should come out.

How do you replace burned out headlamps for 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

There should be 2 clips at the top of the headlight assembly Pull these clips upward and entire assembly should pull out of grill area allowing access to bulbs. The owner's manual details this maintenance item...

How do you put the headlight assembly back on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

open the hood. in back of headlight assembly there are two metal slides with pull tabs. pull them up then wiggle the headlight assembly. it should fall right out. with it out you can get at the bulbs.

How do you remove the headlight assembly on a 1992 tempo?

if you lift the engine hood there should be 4 nuts by where your headlight bulb fits into the housing.they should be size 12mm nuts.just remove those 4 nuts and the headlight bulb retainer(you remove that by twisting counter clockwise) and your headlight assembly should pull right off

How do you remove a headlight assembly from a Pontiac Montana?

Open the hood and look at the top of the headlight assembly. There should be two catch heads that screw down onto flat prongs attached to the headlight assembly. once you unscrew them, the whole assembly should slide out of the housing. When you put it back, look at the outside edge of the assembly, there are two prongs that slide into holes in the framework of the body. Be sure to insert them into the holes, as they help hold the assembly in place.

How do you change the headlights on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

ou have to remove the headlight assembly by removing the two screws on top and pull out the assembly. The screws will be long. After you remove the headlight assembly there is two sets of wires one for your turn signal and one for your headlight grab a hold of the headlight up close to the assembly and turn it. when you have turned it enough it should be able to come out then you put the new bulb in and reinstall everything.

How do you remove the headlight assembly in order to replace a headlight bulb on a Pontiac Grand Am SE?

It depends completely on what year it is. If it is a composite style headlight (newer years), then the bulb should remove from the back of the assembly, while the assembly is left in the car. If it is an older year model, then the assembly is held in with two screws that can be reached from the front of the head light.

How do you change your headlights for a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500?

Open the hood and on the top of the headlight assembly there should be two pins. Turn them so they face the front of the truck and pull them up and out. Now you should be able to pull the whole headlight assembly out. Turn the ring on the back of the headlight ,unplug it and pull the headlight out. Install in reverse order.

Where is the horn located on a 2002 impala?

*** Should be under the passenger side headlight, behind the bumper. Remove the headlight assembly & you might find it...

How do you change a headlight bulb on a Kia SUV?

depends on with model,but generally pop hood look at back of headlight assembly, u should see thick wire harness going to the back of each headlight assembly,where it meets the assembly has a large round piece turn it and it should undo allowing access to the headlight bulb.Here's the best description that I've come across:

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