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Depends. Sometimes it can be a safer route, sometimes cost effective, and sometimes not necessary. Many factors to consider. Is it an engine with many miles or other problems? Is the head cracked? If so, how is the head and what is the core charge? Is coolant mixed with oil? If it is, how long did this go on for? Rarely do I recommend a replacement engine when a head gasket blows. Provide more information and I can better answer this.

on newer cars 80's on up especially fwd cars and foreign cars you will most likely have to replace the head because these are typically made from aluminum alloys and do warp especially on 4 cylinder cars. for those that are bold and daring you can have your warped head" shaved" this will give you more horsepower but be warned! it may not be good for your particular car since this now puts the valves closer to your cylinders and a broken timing belt will cause your engine to blow in a un fixable way

Did you ever resolve this problem and replace your head gasket or the whole engine? We have the same problem on our 1992 Nissan SENTRA, with over 204,000 miles with a blown head gasket. The mechanic warns us that after replacing the head gasket that it could still cause us problems due to a cracked head and then be an oil hog. What ever happened in your situation? We are thinking of junking the car but its our sons and he's very attached to it. Please respond/help. Thanks!

a car with that many miles i would just go with the motor. a new head gasket will often cause pressure on already weak or worn parts in the lower part of the motor. resulting in engine failure

I ran into a similar problem with a 91 Isuzu trooper 4 cylinder that had blown the head gasket.

The gasket was 50 bucks or so and it took me about 10 hours to do the entire job from start to finish but it was worth it.

If your on the fence and need to pay someone for the work it may not be worth it to you. I did mine a year ago and it still is used daily today. The vehicle owes me nothing.

NO, who in there right mind would think that? Hello, just replace the head gasket!!!

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Q: 2003 Honda civic lx had air cond. problems dropping out when humid outside. Compressor fine replaced clutch attached to comp. Then overheated took to Honda they said new engine needed put new i?
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