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2003 gm diesel instrument cluster working sporadically digital driver info ok?

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you need a new cluster, from the dealer, usually about $250- 300

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Digital odometer is not working Buick Century?

search for instrument cluster repair in search engine

Why is your 97 Cadillac deville instrument cluster not working?

Why is your 97 cadillac deville instrument cluster not working?

Will a cold start determine if your instrument cluster is working?

No, it won't

Why doesn't My 2002 envoy's instrument cluster work?

If the instrument cluster on a 2002 Envoy is not working, check the fuses. There is a main fuse for this under the hood on top of the battery.

How do you repair the digital odometer on a Chrysler Sebring?

If the digital odometer is not displaying its readout or is working intermittently it is a common occurrence that there is a bad solder connection on the instrument cluster.When the digital odometer is not displaying its readout or the digital odometer displays intermittently this problem is frequently reported along with the vehicles tachometer not displaying any readout or working on an intermittent basis as well.The link below shows the steps to repair a bad solder joint on an instrument cluster. It is fully illustrated and not too difficult, took me about an hour from start to finish.

97 camaro rs the instrument light quit working you checked the fuse box what next?

Pull out your instrument cluster and check the back of the cluster for any blown bulbs.

2000 Volkswagen beetle instrument cluster not working?

coolant leak from wire harness

The speedometer gauge needle goes crazy working on and off and seems that when it happen the transmission doesn't know what shiftings to make?

when that happens you usually just have to replace the instrument cluster when that happens you usually just have to replace the instrument cluster when that happens you usually just have to replace the instrument cluster

2003 Chevy silverado rpm speedometer and fuel gauge stopped working rpm gauge say's 1000 rpm whenever driving.?

could be a bad instrument cluster panel, they had a recall on the instrument cluster panel. I had my speedometer stop working and was given a price to fix it and blew it off. Then the recall came and I got a new instrument cluster and that fixed the problem which they knew they had.

2002 silverado tachometer not working?

Instrument Cluster has been recalled take it in to your nearest Chevy dealership

How do you repair a 1998 Lincoln Navigator ac and instrument cluster that is not working?

It will have to be removed and sent off for repairs.

How do you fix when the instrument cluster suddenly quits working on a 96 Pontiac grand am gt?

Check fuses

How do you fix 1995 s10 blazer dash for not working?

If nothing on the dash (instrument cluster) is working, I would suspect the electrical plug in back is disconnected.

How do you fix a non-working speedometer-odometer in a 1997 mercury villager?

Replace the instrument cluster.

How do you Replace speedometer cable on Ford Probe?

You have to take apart the instrument cluster, starting with the steering wheel and working forward.

Why a Brand new instrument cluster in a 1993 Chevy caprice for some reason the gauge and the speedometer are not working?

The dealer has to program it.

93 Nissan 240sx mph gauge not working?

cluster is broken. common problem with 240sx. Buy a new instrument cluster and have your local auto body shop install it for you. I had it done. costed me $130 for the cluster and $80 to install.

What fuse on a 1995 controls dash lights?

my instrument cluster and my back window wiper and the heat on my 1999 dodge caravan is working

On your 2002 vue your speedometer is not working what could be the problem?

If the speedometer and the odometer are not working, I would suspect the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). If only the speedometer is not working I would suspect the instrument cluster has problems.

Sending unit is not working no fuel 1992 Volvo 940 gle?

This is a common problem with the instrument cluster connections on the back of the cluster itself. The contacts need to be resoldered. Remove the cluster, and use a solder iron to heat and reflow the solder connections.

How would one know if a battery charger is working for a Canon digital camera?

A Multimeter will tell you if a battery charger is working for a Canon digital camera. A Multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument that measures voltage and current.

Where is the instrument panel fuse on a 2006 Buick Rendezvous?

Dont think this question is detailed enough what is wrong with it? what do you mean panel? the cluster? what is not working

1997 dodge neon speedometer not working?

Could be the speed sensor or another common problem with neons is broken solder points on the instrument cluster circuit board. To test it, see if your cruise control can keep you at speed. If so, it's the instrument cluster. If not could be the speed sensor. If you don't have cruise, then you may have to inspect the cluster for broken solder points.

What causes an extra line or dots to appear on the dash indicator for the auto transmission on E320 year 2000?

AnswerYou will need to replace the complete instrument cluster to fix this problem. That happens all the time. Its just the internal circuit board for the instrument cluster wigging out. Yes it is quite common on these cars, it is actually a bad ribbon cable connection between the LCD and the circuit board. There are electronic repair shops that you can send your cluster to that specialize in working on these. Much less expensive than replacing the cluster. Just do an internet search "mercedes instrument cluster repair."

Why does the instrument cluster on a 1993 Chrysler Intrepid shut off after working for 5 minutes?

The instrument cluster gets its power/signal from the Body Control Module. I believe it is located behind the carpet somewhere by the passenger foot area. Not saying this is bad, but it's definitely something to check into.