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2004 crown Victoria ac fan not working What could be wrong?


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2012-06-10 10:23:49
2012-06-10 10:23:49

My crown vic 2000 when ac runing that time fac not working pls help me

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Normally this is an indication of a defective brake light switch.

see if it will turn over if there is no grinding noise then u need a new starter

there is something wrong with your switch in the door you may have to change it

What's wrong with it? No light, no electricity to the bulb socket, loose in ceiling...? Radioman

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Could you specify what exactly is working improperly, and what it is that it is doing wrong? There is a pretty broad spectrum of possibilities there.

Could be loose exhaust pipe or bracket, loose top bushing on shock, or check top of air bag to make sure it is tight. Check all control arm bushings also.

It could be any number of things. What specifically is wrong with it?

It sounds like you need either a flywheel or the bendix on the starter is worn out. Easy fix if it is starter.

you may have to take it to a sprint store and have them look at it. There could be many different things wrong with it.

The blower in my 2001 Honda Civic did not stop working.

you could have crossed the wires somehow or caused them to short out.

sounds like the choke is not working correctly

It could eighter mean you did it wrong or that it may be the disk.

There are 2 possible ways it isn't working. 1:You could have entered it wrong. 2:You could have entered the pearl version of the code. !

The fan relay could be bad or the fan motor could be bad.

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Well, if you have the LX, it all lites up on start up, then it will only show if something goes wrong. Reg. model, same place, just not electronic.

My guess it has fallen off its track and you will probably have to open the door up and have a look.

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