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If you have 2 fuel tanks the problem may be the switching valve between the tanks, some times the get stuck if you rap on it lightly with a wrench it can release the valve in it to let the fuel to flowby I have had this problem on both a gas and diesel trucks rapping on it can be a cheap fix if that doesn't work check the power to the valve. If you have 2 fuel tanks the problem may be the switching valve between the tanks, some times the get stuck if you rap on it lightly with a wrench it can release the valve in it to let the fuel to flowby I have had this problem on both a gas and diesel trucks rapping on it can be a cheap fix if that doesn't work check the power to the valve.

2008-01-12 22:46:49
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Q: 2005 F250 what would cause your truck to only take fuel very slowly about .30 at a time Gas not diesel?
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What would cause a 2003 dodge diesel truck lose engine power?

change the fuel filter

What would cause the volume of oil to increase in a dura max diesel?

Diesel fuel or coolant entering the crankcase. Either will cause serious engine damage. Stop driving the truck until you can have this repaired.

What would cause a 2003 silvarado diesel to die while driving and not restart?

the ground to the battery i had the same problem on my truck

What diesel pickup truck gets the best gas mileage?

Considering that a diesel pickup truck can't use gas I would say that there aren't any diesel trucks that get good gas mileage. If you were wondering which diesel truck gets the highest miles per gallon then I would say you should look at the Dodge Cummins diesel.

Would it hurt to run fuel oil in a diesel truck?

Yes, ESPECIALLY in a newer truck designed to run on Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, and especially if it had a Diesel Particulate Filter.

What is the gas mileage of a diesel truck?

The best way to find out the gas mileage on your diesel truck would be to go to the website. I don't know which year, make or model this particular truck is therefore the mileage would depend.

What is the best dually diesel pick up truck?

The best dually diesel pickup truck would be Chevy or GMC 3500 with Duramax and Allison transmission.

What is the ball apparatus under hood of truck?

Not knowing anything about your truck, a wild guess would be that the "ball apparatus" is a vacuum reservoir and your truck is a diesel.

What would happen if the gas cap is off when you drove your Peterbilt truck through a truck was?

It would be a diesel fuel cap and if the truck would fit through a car wash you would need to change fuel filters.

How much does a 1997 ford diesel 4x4 truck weigh?

A name would help.

What is a good brand to buy diesel trucks from?

Diesel trucks are sold from numerous companies, but the best company that you can purchase a diesel truck from would probably have to be Ford, due to their price.

What can you do to a diesel engine?

well you could do anything really but I personally would put it in a truck or smash it

Would a PCV valve cause your truck to lose power?

NO it would not.

What is the cause for a 1997 Chevy 3500 dually with a 6.5 Turbo diesel automatic w OD to have an inaccurate speedometer and the truck feels like it is shifting into neutral during driving?

You need to check the speed senser, that can cause your problem. I would tell you where that is but I have no info. on that truck. I wish I could help you further. VERY SORRY.

What would cause someones pancreas to work slowly?


Why would your Ford F350 Turbo Diesel truck have white smoke coming from tailpipe?

blow by through the turbo ,my truck did the same thing had to get the turbo rebuilt

Where can one purchase Ford diesel trucks?

Ford sells a variety of diesel-powered trucks, both direct and through resellers and dealers. A local Ford car and truck dealer would be a good start for purchasing a diesel-powered truck. Online retailers can also provide a good selection of new and used vehicles. Finally, in some areas it may be possible to order (and have delivered) a Ford diesel truck.

What would cause the rear end on a ford truck to smoke?

my truck started to smoke from the rear end when I was driving down the high way and now its jerking around WHY or What would be the cause

Which is better Ford or jeep?

When it comes to off-road, definanately the Jeep would be better. If Jeep made a truck using Ford quality parts and a Cummins diesel, now that would be a great truck.

What kind of diesel engine would fit in a 1974 dodge 4x4 long bed pickup truck?

Most likely a 5.9 liter cummins turbo diesel 12v

More Power with a Diesel Truck?

A diesel truck is the best way to handle heavy loads and towing needs on any job site. The design of a diesel engine provides more power to any truck or large vehicle. Most of the heavy machinery on any job site is run by a diesel engine, so it makes sense that a diesel truck would work better for heavy jobs. More Efficient Engine The firing mechanism in a diesel truck is different than the firing mechanism in a regular gasoline truck. Diesel engines use compression to cause the pistons to fire instead of using a spark from a spark plug. The diesel design allows the engine to utilize every ounce of pressure that is created by the combustion chamber. That makes diesel engines far more efficient than traditional gas engines. An efficient engine is generally a more powerful one, no matter what it is put into. A diesel truck can provide far more power in any situation. Less Expensive Fuel Diesel fuel is less expensive than gasoline, which makes it an easy business choice to make. The fuel itself may be priced similarly at the gas pump, but the efficiency of a diesel engine will allow you to run longer on each gallon of fuel. With a diesel truck you will spend less time filling the fuel tank and more time doing the work you bought the truck to do. The efficiency of diesel engines has been appreciated by ships, trains, and large machinery for almost 100 years. Better Designs Recently Recent improvements in the emissions of diesel engines have made them more attractive for the casual truck owner as well. Diesel has always been notorious for the blue smoke that tends to bellow from vehicles that run on diesel. Advances in the diesel engine design have greatly reduced the amount of smoke and exhaust from standard diesel engines in all capacities. Diesel engines are cleaner than ever to operate, which makes them more environmentally friendly and better for consumers in general. With the extra power, fuel efficiency, and cleaner exhaust of today’s modern diesel engines, it will only be a matter of time before everyone wants a diesel truck.

Where can I find good deals on diesel trucks?

Your local Ford car dealership should have diesel trucks for sale. Just check around your town's car dealerships if the Ford option fails. I would not recommend looking online for a diesel truck, that would be hard to ship!

Would a bad sway bar cause truck to lean?


Where can I buy a diesel power generator?

I think you can buy a diesel generator at any of the places that you buy a gas one. Why do you prefer diesel over gas. Diesel would be harder to start in winter cause diesel fuel tends to gel when cold out.

What is the best model of diesel truck?

If your looking for a reliable and comfortable truck I would suggest a RAM, I personally own one and it has never let me down in the many years I have been driving.