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If you think you are leaking you need to go straight to go to the hospital and get checked.

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Q: 26 weeks pregnant How can you tell if you are leaking amiotic fluid?
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Should your breasts be leaking at 4 weeks pregnant?

No indeed!! It shouldn't be leaking at anytime you are prego. Get checked out immediately!!!

Im 19 weeks pregnant and your breast are leaking clear liquid is this normal?

Yes, this is natural. This fluid is called colostrum, and is caused by certain hormones that prepare the breast for milk production.

Why is amniotic fluid leaking at 33 weeks?

That is something serious. You need to consult your gynaecologist immediately.

Are you preg if your breast is leaking a clear liquid you are also 2 weeks late?

If you are 2 weeks late you may be pregnant, take a test. If you are not pregnant you may have a hormonal problem.

Why are you bleeding and cramping and leaking fluid two weeks after giving birth?

This is normal. If you are worried, go and see your doctor or midwife

I'll be 23 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I am leaking collestrum already is that normal?

Yes, that is normal. Everyone starts leaking at different times in pregnancy. i was pregnant with twins and started at 5 months. but i think most people start about 7-8 months pregnant.

Is leaking a orange fluid from your breast normal at 28 weeks?

Yes. It's colostrum. Your body is just getting ready for the baby.

If I'm 29 weeks pregnant and measuring 26 weeks?

You could be experiencing a low amniotic fluid volume, which can throw the measurement off.

I flushed the fluid in brake lines a few weeks ago it is now leaking brake fluid slowly but still significantly It drops to min level from max in about a week or 2 What would be causing this?

Leaking bleeder screw, loose line fitting, failed seal, etc.

Can you be leaking milk after a miscarriage from only being up to 7 weeks pregnant?

Yes, had the same thing happen to me twice(have had 3 miscarriages). Both times I was about 7.5 weeks pregnant when I miscarried, and the leaking started after the actual miscarriage had happened. Doctor said the miscarriage can make your body feel like you actually delivered, therefore it may produce some milk.

You are 31 weeks pregnant and have just started leaking colostrum and blood is leaking from your breast is this normal?

Leaking small amounts of colostrum is normal, but leaking blood from you breasts (unless they are cracked, dry and irritated, may not be normal. Ask your OB. Leaking small amounts of colostrum is normal, but leaking blood from you breasts (unless they are cracked, dry and irritated, may not be normal. Ask your OB.

When do you start leaking milk from your breast while pregnant?

I am at 33 weeks, and I started leaking around middle of 2nd trimester. Usually most women start to produce their milk during the last month or so of pregnancy.

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