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Ther is usually a temp switch on your radiator that controls the fan. it is normally open when cool and closed at 220. if you want to test your fan you can pull the wires from the switch and put a wire acros the leads this powers the fan to on. if the fan powers on replace the faulty switch.

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Q: 34L v6 fan not turning on what could it be and how do you test your fan to see if it works?
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Loss of power in your 1996 34L 4X4 Cleaned Injectors What should you check next?

Use a code scanner to check the engine diagnostic codes. If you see any problems fix that first. If there are no issues, check fuel pressure at the fuel rail test port. If the fuel pressure is low either at an idle or when driving under full power, check and/or replace the fuel filter.

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clean iac sensor and o ring

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Actually, I had a 97 Beretta engine put into my 95 Lumina and it was fine.

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Where is the temperature sending switch on a 2001 Montana 34L?

For the computer, it is located... Well follow your throtle cable down to the top of you engine. Just below where it attaches, you'll see a two wire plug. Remove the plug, and...there it is. Use a 3/4 in. socket. Now, if we are talking the one for the gauge.... I'll have to let you know. That's what I am here looking for. Adam Shump

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take it to a Toyota dealership, have them run the code through the scan tool and reset the light as necessaryAnswerYou could, if you want to waste your money. All you have to do is disconnect the negative cable from your battery, wait a minute and reconnect it. This resets your computer. Also, you can buy a cheap code reader for around $50 instead of paying around $80 to get it done at the dealership. They are easy to use and plug in usually under your steering wheel or under the seat. They are useful for finding whats wrong but wont tell you great details like the expensive ones do.

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What is the spark plug torque to apply when replacing spark plugs on a 1998 Pontiac Transport 34L engine?

DARKSEID007 My Advice: The best thing to do is to tighten the sparkplugs down with a ratchet and socket till it is just tight enough to not turn by your fingers. (SNUG if you will technical terms) then you take the ratchet and turn it 1/4 of a turn and it will tighten it enough without overtightening or stripping the threads out of the motor. 1/4 means if u have the ratchet end at a 12 o' clock position turn it till the end of the ratchet goes around to the 3 o' clock position. Hope this helps.

For Impala 2002 34L: Got code 301 misfire cylinder 1 change spark plug plug coil pack ok Motor shaking and hesitate on acceleration what should you do next Thanks?

Verify the plug wires are connected correctly. Look here: It can also be a bad spark plug, or plug wire. A burnt valve or blown head gasket is another possibility. A weak injector on that cylinder is possible. A compression check is in order if the ignition system is found to be OK. This will detect a blown gasket or burnt valve.

What does it mean when you have exhaust in the coolant system in a 1995 firebird 34L V6 Car overheasts thermostat has been changed and the radiator has been flushed?

It means you will have a minimum of a $900 repair bill unless you do it yourself, and by the question I'm guessing that you wont be doing it yourself. It will cost you another $400 to repair/replace your Heater core -- because you will notice you car no longer puts out heat -- the core is plugged up by sludge and you wont be able to clean it. GM had the bright idea of using a PLASTIC intake manifold gasket I cant remember the years but think its 92 - 2000-- if your engine ever got low on coolant and overheated, the Plastic gasket will melt and deform, since water and oil are close together its very easy for them to make it where it shouldnt go after its melted. The replacement gaskets are $120 and made out of Aluminum and Rubber -- you also get the valve cover and Head Gasket set included from the dealer. Two things you have to check for --- You say you have Exhaust in your radiator, how do you know this, did you get a test kit with the blue stuff that turns yellow if there is, if that is so, then you have a blown Head gasket. If your fluid was the consistency of runny mud -- in your overflow or in your radiator when you flushed it, you likely have an Intake Manifold leak. Normally you could check for a head gasket leak by taking the spark plugs out and doing a compression check on each cylinder. But on these cars they are impossible to get to unless you are on a rack I replaced the intake manifold gasket myself -- its a pretty big job -- you have to remove the fuel rail and injectors -- your lower back will be killing you by the time you are finished. online manuals are available at