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5 figure of speech?

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What 5 example of figure speech?

dfcnoksvkds hd

What figure no one can see?

A figure of speech

what are the figure of speech?

It mean you do not mean it

Is repetition a figure of speech?

yes it is a figure of speech

Poems with figure of speech?

poems with figure of speech

Is alliteration a figure of speech?

Yes, alliteration is a figure of speech.

Example of conceit of figure of speech?

what are examples of conceit as figure of speech

Figure of speech with 10 examples each?

Figure of speech with 10example

Figure of speech according to similarities?

figure of speech according to categories

What are tha Figure of speech used in the poem a rainbow?

figure of speech

Is rhyme a figure of speech?

Yes. Rhyme is a figure of speech

What is the Tagalog of figure of speech?

Tagalog Translation of FIGURE OF SPEECH: tayutay

What figure of speech is as slippery as glass?

What figure of speech is as slippery as glass

5 Examples of metonymy Figure of speech?

the pen is mightier than the sword

What figure of speech is the word expect?

A figure of speech is an expressive use of language such as a simile or a metaphor. Expect, on its own, is not a figure of speech.The part of speech for the word expect is verb.

Give him credit is an example of what figure of speech?

figure of speech is a kind of a style. the credit of this is point of figure.

Figure of speech and there examples?

physics please be good to me.what figure of speech is this?

What figure of speech is Munch and Crunch?

They are verbs

Examples of irony use in figure of speech?

Irony is a figure of speech. examples

Examples of figure speech?

A figure of speech transcends its literal interpretation. "I have butterflies in my stomach," is a figure of speech. Also,"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Is rhyme scheme a figure of speech?

Rhyme scheme is a poetic term, not a figure of speech.

Is symbolism a figure of speech?

No, symbolism is not a figure of speech. It specifically is defined as "a symbolic meaning".

Give the different kind of figure of speech?

give the different kind of figure speech

What is symbol in figure of speech?

the symbol speech is a speech bubble

What are the example of speech courtesy?

figure of speech