7 letter word meaning varnish starts with l?

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Are there any words 7 letter words that start with l?

iambics, iambize, iberian, icarian, iceberg, icebird, iceboat, icecaps, icefall, iceland, iceless, ichnite, ichthin, ichthus, ichthys, icicled, icicles, iciness, ickiest, icon

What 7 letter word starts with p and ends in l?

paginal . pailful . painful . palatal . pallial . paludal . papyral . parasol . parboil . partial . paschal . pasquil . payroll . peafowl . pedicel . pedocal .
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What 7 letter words start with L?

Hundreds of 7letter words start with l. A few of those words include labeled,labored, laborer, lackeys, lacquer, lactose, ladders, laggard,lambkin, laments, lampoon, landing,