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The ECM computer needs to be working in order to start the car.

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How do you set the Timing on a 1990 Mazda 626?

The timing should be at 6 degrees for a non-turbo, with the distributor vacuum lines disconnected and plugged. It will be at 9 degrees for a turbo, with a test connector for idle setting grounded.

What is the order for spark plug wires to be plugged in on the distributor cap on a 94 Mazda 626?


How do you ground yourself before touching the inside of a computer and how do you know when you are grounded?

You can purchase a wrist strap that connects to a water pipe or other grounding surface and is connected to your wrist before you touch the computer. On the other hand... If the computer is plugged in and the house is wired properly with good plug grounds, you can simply turn off the computer then touch the metal computer case before and while you touch anything inside the computer.

Where is ignition module for 1987 Chevy pickup located?

It is mounted on the distributor plate under the cap and rotor. On the right hand side of the distributor when looking at it. It will have electrical connectors plugged into it on both ends.

Can anything with headphones be plugged into your iMac with the audio input?


Where is the ecm located on a 1990 f-150?

on the base of the distributor,look at it and you'll see the wires plugged in,thats it.

Do you need to hear a hissing sound when your block heater is first plugged in?

no, u should not hear anything when block heater is plugged in

What is the timing specs for a 1986 dodge w250 with a 360w engine?

10 degrees btdc with the vacuum hose to the distributor removed and plugged.

What is a hardware problem?

if in computers, its anything that can be plugged in. like a keyboard or mouse.

What is kalodiophobia?

A fear of wires, plugs or anything that can be plugged into a wall or outlet.

Where is the electronic control module on your 90 silverado 3500?

It is mounted on the distributor base plate with 2 small screws holding it in place. It has electrical connectors plugged into it on each end. Remove the distributor cap and rotor and you will see it.

What is the timing for jeep cj7 straight 6?

3-4 deg before TDC with the vacuum advance hose off the distributor and plugged.

Where is the camshaft position sensor on a 2003 Chevy silverado with a 4.3L?

It is bolted on the distributor base plate under the cap. It has an electrical connector plugged into it.

Can a outlet catch fire without anything plugged in?

I don't think so.

What should my timing specs be for a 1984 Chevy silverado 305 engine?

6 degrees before tdc with distributor vacuum line removed and plugged

What should the timing be set at on 5.8 ltr?

Initially @ 6 +- 2 dgrees btdc at 600rpm with vac line to distributor disconnected and plugged. BigBronco351

Why will a 1987 suburban crank but not turn over?

Check for faulty high tension wire from distributor to the external coil first. Check that the fuel filter isn't plugged. It could also be the distributor control module or a faulty timing chain.

You can not turn on your tv what should you do?

Is it plugged in? (plug it in) Does anything else work if plugged in to the same outlet? (check the fuse) Have you lost the remote? (get up and push the power button)

How often and how long of time does a 2000 F350 7.3 powerstroke need to be plugged in?

depends on how cold it is, but the simple answer is, if it's cold enough that it needs to be plugged in, leave it plugged in till it starts, it won't hurt anything except your power bill.

1987 trx250 Honda and it wont start we have ruled out piston and rings also put in a new spark plug we cleaned the carb as well and we still cant get it to run What could the problem be?

Is the distributor wire plugged in? Is the distributor out 180 degrees (backwards)?

Why is there condensation in the distributor.?

well there is water vapor in it Some distributors have a small opening in the bottom with a screen for ventilation but the screen becomes plugged and then condensation builds up.

Where is oil sending unit on 1998 350 silverado pickup?

It is right behind the distributor and it is tough to get to. It is about 3 inches long with a electrical connector plugged into the end of it.

What should you do in an environment that promots static electricity?

you should use an ESD mat in conjunction with an ESD strap touch the metal case of the power supply that is plugged into a properly grounded outlet

How do you bypass or move oil sending unit in 93 Chevy S10 4.2 liter?

The oil pressure sending unit is mounted under the distributor, some can be accessed without removing distributor. It can be removed and plugged with a 1/8" pipe plug to bypass.

One of the what used by Tom Breaker during the Pentagon scenes is visibly not plugged into anything?


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