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87 e350 motor-home starts only on starting fluid?

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Could be a number of things... bad air filter, fouled spark plugs, weak fuel pump...

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What oil is used in a 2000 E350 V 10 motorhome?

The book on my 1998 Ford E350 says to use 5W-30.

Why does your motorhome Ford E350 with a 460 run rough and loses and regains power?

On my 1989 E350 motorhome, I had a weak fuel pump near the fuel filter. I replaced that and the problem went away. The pump in the tank was fine.

Where can you find a free owners manual for a 1992 ford e350 motorhome?

In the glove box...

What is the weight of a FORD E350 truck?

I if it's a truck it's a F350, an E350 is a van, motorhome or cube van (Econoline) net weight is about 3000kg, gross is about 5000kg.

1997 ford E350 motorhome your ac wont switch over to heat?

1997 ford moterhome E350 with a V10 Triton engine My AC will not switch over to heat

What is specification for the rear differential fluid for a 2007 E350 Ford van?

rear end differiential fluid specifications 2007 E350

What is the correct power steering fluid for a 2006 Mercedes E350 4matic?

What is the correct power steering fluid for a 2006 Mercedes E350 4matic?

Find fuel pump reset on Ford e350 460 engine motorhome?

passenger side below dash

What is the estimated MPG on a 1984 motorhome on an E350 Ford chassis and has a 7.5 liter gasoline engine?

7-8 mpg if your lucky.

Where do you put Mercedes 2007 e350 power steering fluid?

Where is the power steering fluid reservoir

What do you look for on a 1993 E350 motorhome if the brake pedal slowly goes to the floor and there's no sign of leaks?

Probably leaking back at the master cylender.

What is a Mercedes E350 d service-?

A Mercedes E350 D service means your vehicle needs a brake fluid exchange, oil/filter change, fluid top-off, and various other checks.

What kind of trasmission fluid for 1989 e350 diesel?

mercon IV or V

When to change transmission fluid 2001 ford e350 7.3?

mercon atf

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1989 ford E350 diesel?

where is says transmission fluid only read the caps it tells you

1988 Motorhome on a one ton E350 Chassis Where is the fuel pump located?

On the frame rail about even w/ the trans. bell housing on the outside of the fuel filter bracket.

Location of fuse block on e350 motorhome?

if this is a c-class motorhome then you have several. For engine and towing controls there are two; one under the hood, and one under the dash (usually driver side). For the coach itself, try looking inside the coach in the area near where the plug for your camper is located.

What transmission fluid do you use in a 1985 ford e350?

Mercon. Also check the trans fluid's stamped right there on the stick.

What type of fluid is used in a 2011 ford E350 box van transmission?

mercron lv

What is a Mercedes E350 d service?

A Mercedes E350 D service means that your vehicle needs some type of fluid change. You need to get your vehicle serviced soon or change the fluids yourself.

Where is the oil drain plug located in an 1994 E350 ford RV motor home automatic transmission?

where is the fluid drain plug in a 1944 ford E350 rv motor home with an automatic trainsmission

How do you refill transmission fluid on a 1994 ford e350 v8?

Through the automatic transmission dipstick tube with a funnel

1994 Ford E350 motor home The auxiliary battery does not charge when the engine is running There is no fuse or contacts in the power distribution box where the diagram says it is?

I have a 1996 E350 motorhome. There is a relay behind the left headlight that connects the house battery to the charging system when the ignition is turned on. Look for such a relay in your unit and check it for proper operation.

Can you jack up and put E350 motorhome in reverse to adjust rear brakes?

No! If the self adjuster isn't working you will either need to replace them of fix them because it takes stopping the weight of the vehicle for the adjusters to work.

What type of power steering fluid for a 2005 Ford econoline e350 van?

According to the 2005 Ford E-350 Owner Guide : ( Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used as the power steering fluid )