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7-8 mpg if your lucky.

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Fleetwood doesn't make their own chassis, and they've always offered a wide range of models and classes of motorhome. As is, we don't know if you have a Class A, B, or C motorhome, meaning we don't know what chassis it was built on, and we don't know what the engine is. This info would be necessary in order to answer your question.

Charter Gasoline Engine Company of Sterling, Illinois, for first successfully using gasoline as fuel. Charter's creation of a gasoline fueled engine in 1887 soon led to early gasoline traction engines before the term "tractor" was coined by others. Charter adapted its engine to a Rumley steam-traction-engine chassis, and in 1889 produced six of the machines to become one of the first working gasoline traction engines.

Toyota manufactured the basic vehicle. National RV built the motorhome on the Toyota chassis, engine, etc.. 'Dolphin' was National RV's brand name for the product. National Motorhome I believe went bankrupt around 2008.

no such engine 464 you must mean 454. depends on year model 5 quarts without filter change and 6 with filter change

Good question. I'm looking for a wiring diagram for a 1978 Cruise Aire on a Dodge chassis. The engine won't start with the key. Have to jump start using the solenoid under the motorhome where all the electrics for the engine and the motorhome connect. Any suggestions?

Well, that sort of depends on a number of things - namely, what the motorhome is, and what chassis it was built on. You most likely have a V8, which could range from the 350 CUID up to the 454 CUID motor, or you might have the 6.2 litre Detroit Diesel V8.

My 19791979house Monaco on a chevy g30 chassis has 3 total batteries. 2 in the engine bay, 1 is for the engine and 1I for the rv. Then the 3rdmower battery is on the side compartment for the generator.

That depends on WHICH model of motorhome you have. Either way, expect it to be in the engine compartment.

a gasoline engine is an Internal combustion engine

short awnser No, but you can look it up if your chassis number and engine number are original or if its a diffrent engine

It is the type of chassis in which the engine is mounted in front of the driver's cabin.

The gasoline engine came first. The gasoline engine was invented and patented in 1823 with the first efficient gasoline engine developed in 1876. The diesel was invented in 1893 which was 70 years after the gasoline engine.

basic engine wiring is available at the library in shop manuals...for the chassis, you'll have to learn basic wiring...also in books at the library...

my gypsy 1994 modal chassis numbers156086 and engine number191686 chek

We have a 1998 Bounder Motorhome (with ford engine) how do we replace the headlight switch?

If you're asking what will happen if you put gasoline in a diesel engine, the engine will be destroyed if you run it on gasoline.

Assuming 6-cylinder inline gasoline engine (325ci, 330ci, etc; M52 or M54 engine code) on an E46 chassis 3er it is chain-driven.

and internal combustion engine and a gasoline engine are the same thing.

all engine using gasoline (whether regular or premium) as fuel is called gasoline engine. motorcycle engine. generetors, buses. are example of gasoline engine

That's an engine that burns gasoline, to produce motion. Many car engines use gasoline as fuel.

where is the engine number located on the engine block

NO, do not use diesel oil and a gasoline engine.

The motorhome's chassis, engine and running gear were probably manufactured by one of the "Big Three" auto makers. Whatever engine is in the motorhome is probably indicative of the company that manufactured the chassis. Contact a truck dealer of that brand and they can probably tell you where on the chassis the "secret" VIN number is located. Also, -(just did a little research)- there is an "Elcona Country Club" located in Elkhart, Indiana (a BIG motorhome manufacturing state). JAYCO Corporation is headquarered in Elkhart and on the off-chance that JAYCO absorbed them, maybe you could contact them for any possible information they might be able to offer. Good luck.

First of all, the size of the motorhome has absolutely nothing to do with how to repair the engine. Specify which make of engine it is, and you may get better results. Tgzzzz: I don't understand how someone could write the above incredibly ignorant comment. If you don't know what a 454 is, stop talking and start listening! Hi! I have a 1984 motorhome (31' ;-) with a Chevy P30-series chassis, 454 engine. The timing is on the air filter cover and is listed as 4 deg. BTDC. I tried looking this up online for myself--the Chevy-published info for this chassis & engine didn't indicate a timing, and directed me to look other than where the timing info _was_ located--and I haven't found it (and I've found a lot of red herrings). You might start w/4 deg., but perhaps a "history of the 454" would indicate model changes which might help with whether or not what I'm seeing would be of use to you.

Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines.

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