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Generally the first rule of auto mechanics/maintenance is to be certain that all the fluid levels are correct, filters are not clogged, and the car is tuned correctly. Tune-up items include spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor and ignition timing. Once all of this is correct, if there is still a problem check for the four essentials: compression, fuel, air and spark. If you have all of those in the right quantities at the right times and there is still a problem you will probably have trouble code in the computer. There is a section in the (Chilton's) repair manual regarding driveability that will guide you through the process of accessing those codes. Remember, Safety First! added by duboff. the other thing to look at is the cat convertor. If it is bad. it will increase the back pressure on the motor and not cause a fault in the computer. as above maintenance is the key to any vehicle. hope it helps duboff.

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