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yes it does.You are forcing air in going down road while in normal door mode

2007-03-23 06:27:28
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What does it mean if you are fooling with your girlfriend and your testicle gets pushed up inside you but it ends up coming back out to normal?

This is normal and happens sometimes. It's nothing to be worried about.

Is it normal for your period to last more than a week?

sometimes it will do that....its normal.....the cause may have been from your period not coming on schdule or from the amount of blood you've built up

Car is making noise like a leaf blower when I accelerate and it sounds like it's coming from the motor what could it be?

I have experienced the same problem a couple of times recently. I have no idea what this might have been, but it definitely sounded like a leaf blower and it happened twice when engine was at normal operating temperature. At first, I thought the noise was coming from outside (somebody using the blower), then, when I realized it is coming from under the hood I stopped and checked. However, I could not pinpoint the problem. Did you get this resolved and /or look at? Please share your experience.

Is it normal to have nightmares sometimes?

It is totally normal to have nightmares sometimes. It might scare you but it's normal.

Is it a normal process even if sperms coming out of vagina?

Sometimes sperm leaks out of the vagina after sex. This is normal. We are not sure if you meant that, or that there was some kind of discharge from the vagina. If that is the case, and it was not after sex, it is not sperm and you should see a gynecologist.

Your guinea pig has white stuff coming out of her nose is this normal?

my guinea pig has white stuff coming out of her nose is this normal?

You are 24 could your wisdom tooth be just coming up?

Sure it can!! It depends on the individual, sometimes it might even come when you are arround 18 years old! It is normal it is coming up now...take care,it hurts!

Is Joe Jonas normal guy?

yes..........sometimes sometimes not

Is it normal that people talk to themselves sometimes?

Yes, sometimes.

What does dark red blood indicate?

Coming from a cut, that's normal. Coming from the vagina, also normal in cases of the period and losing virginity.

What is someone called who is sometimes introspective and sometimes gregarious?

Normal, perhaps.

You have water coming out of your tailpipe but it only happens when it is cold is that normal?

Very normal. It is condensation. Very normal. It is condensation.

What is a cats normal weight?


If 16years children has not coming teeth what he do?

Children need have teeth be normal. He teeth be normal!

Is is normal to have your period a week early with no cramps?

Yes it is normal. If you exercise more then you will have it later . And the cramps it just depends sometimes ya' have them sometimes ya' don't ... But yeah it is normal....

Is it normal to feel dizzy after coming in from the cold?

It can be normal to feel dizzy after coming in from the cold due to the temperature change. If you continue to feel dizzy, see a doctor.

Are returned Mormon missionaries scared of girls?

Sometimes they are, it depends on the guy. About a week or so after coming home, they should be back to normal. If they aren't, I'd start to suspect that something is wrong.

Dodge Stratus air conditioner blows only on high?

The blower might need replacing. Normal cause is a failed blower resistor, caused by a blower fan that is failing.The resistor and fan are located above the passenger side floor behind the glove box.

If you have a period for a day is that normal?

If you are a teenager, it is normal to have "odd" menstrual periods - sometimes heavy, sometimes light, sometimes skipping entirely, sometimes very early. Your hormones will level out as you grow, and your periods will become more regular.

After starting birth control how long does your first period last?

It depends on the type of birth control. Sometimes after starting it, it could be longer than normal, and sometimes it will disappear the first month. Sometimes it will be normal, and sometimes is will be shorter.

Can your period change after coming off birth control?

Yes your period will change. Sometimes it won't even be right for a couple of months because your body is not use to it, but eventually it will go back to normal.

Is it normal for pregnant bulldog to leak urine?

It is sometimes normal if they have been pregnant for a while.

What do real horses look like in the wild appearance?

they look like normal horses, but sometimes with a desiese and sometimes very woonded, and not as clean, as normal horses.

What if one day you have white stuff coming out your vagina then its normal again is that normal?

the white stuff is the vaginal discharge which is normal and is a sign of ovulation

You have brown stuff coming out of your nipple?

its normal to all human